My All Star is not your All Star, and that’s okay.

There have been a lot of complaints with regards to the crazy voting for the All Star Game in the NHL. Supposedly, the ASG is a skills contest, designed to test the best of the NHL. They’ve moved to a 3-on-3 format after “shenanigans” occurred last year. But, ultimately, the ASG is 1) about making money for the NHL and 2) about giving the fans an unforgettable experience.

Part of this year has included the NHL inviting fans to vote the 4 captains to lead the 3-on-3 format (The other 40 will be chosen by the NHL.) So fans began rallying around players – not as a “cruel joke” as some are saying but because this is an aspect that they have control over. So names such as Jaromir Jagr and John Scott and Rob Scuderi made their way into the top 50.

There have been blogs campaigning for certain players (I see you, Leafs Nation) and blogs stating that “it’s dumb” and that “some player who actually deserves the accolade on their record [won’t] get it”.

And sure, while some of the votes – perhaps it’s even a large majority, I don’t know – are not being made in good faith, there is a percentage of people (myself included) who have voted for Jagr and Scott because they honestly want to see them there. I don’t care if they step on the ice during the 3-on-3 portion (it’s 20 minutes. There will be 9 other skaters, plus the goalie. They don’t have to skate more than one shift, to be honest). While I’m positive the NHL values the monetary aspect over fan experience, these players *do* have fans that want to see them. Further, I would rather a kid who is at the ASG meet someone like John Scott (or my personal hold out vote – Rich Clune) than someone who has recently been embroiled in a sexual assault case.

Any ways, in just a few days, the All Star Game voting has become a source of drama and ridicule.

Scott is on the record as saying that he doesn’t want to go if it’s a joke:

“I don’t want to have my name in the headlines for this reason,” Scott said. “Like, it’s a fun little thing and hopefully it’ll die down over time. It’s not something — I definitely don’t want to be voted into the All-Star Game. It would be cool, but I definitely don’t deserve it to this point. You never know. There’s still some time left. I could turn it on.” (AZ Central)

And he released this today, via the Coyotes’ Twitter account:

While Jaromir Jagr had to be “convinced” by Teemu Selanne to participate if he’s voted in:

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 10.06.46 AM

Look, I love the NHL. I don’t always like them, to sound like a parent talking to their teenage child, but I love them. But I think there’s a large portion of people who are giving the ASG more credit than it deserves in both player and fan opinion. After all, it’s suppose to be fun, for all fans. Not just those that are fans of the “good at hockey” players. I saw a suggestion that perhaps the NHL should choose the players fans get to vote on but again, that’s limiting the fans whose favorite players aren’t selected. To quote the title of this post – My All Star is not your All Star.


On Corsi & Fenwick

I don’t believe in Fahrenheit and Celsius. They’re stupid, they don’t make sense. I don’t see how they apply.

Take a moment and read that sentence. Now substitute “Fenwick and Corsi” in for Fahrenheit and Celsius. Both make roughly the same amount of sense. I’m serious. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS GOOD IN THE WORLD, STOP SAYING YOU DON’T BELIEVE IN FENWICK AND CORSI. THEY ARE NOT INTANGIBLES YOU CAN BELIEVE IN, THEY ARE ACTUAL MEASUREMENTS.

What you don’t “believe” in, is their application. Or you don’t see how they can be analyzed to better the game. I’ll give you that. Sure. That’s fine.

But Corsi and Fenwick are simply ways of counting different types of shots. Blocked shots, missed shots, and shots on goal added all up equal Corsi. Shots on goal plus missed shots are Fenwick. Do you not believe in shots? Because that may be a problem, but okay. Sure. You don’t need to shoot the puck to score goals, nope. They magically go in.

Corsi and Fenwick – and other “fancy stats” – don’t tell the whole story, especially in a game by game analysis. They don’t tell you that player X is playing injured, that player Y is going through emotional turmoil and can’t “get his head in the game”. But taken game by game, they’re entries in an encyclopedia. The more of them that you “read”, the more information you have available to you.

Don’t want to use the stats to apply them to your team? Fine, great, don’t. You don’t have to use them to examine the opposing team either. Or to look at the whole picture of a season and notice things like “if leading by a goal in the third period, team x continues to press while team y sits back”. (Because yes. Stats can tell you that.)

But stop saying you don’t believe in them. It’s like saying that I don’t believe that my car has a certain amount of miles on it. Whether or not I believe it, the fact still exists that it does. And just like the oil leak, whether or not you believe in Corsi and Fenwick, the shots still exist.

There use to be a show called “Numb3rs”. It’s given me some of my favorite quotes regarding math and their application. “Everything is numbers.” “Numbers don’t lie.” “We all use math every day: to predict weather, to tell time, to handle money. Math is more than formulas or equations; it’s logic, it’s rationality, it’s using your mind to solve the biggest mysteries we know.”

Just because you don’t understand something, doesn’t mean that it’s not happening.

Unpopular Opinion (I’m sure): My take on the ~dramaz~ of Kassian & Gagner

Preface: I did not watch this game. I was out looking at Christmas Lights and desperately trying to find my Christmas Spirit. FYI, it’s still lost, today sucks, and people are annoying me on the internet. That being said…

So apparently Zack Kassian did some pretty classless chirping of Sam Gagner on Friday night’s Canucks-Oilers game. If you’re unaware, this is the first game both have been in since Kassian broke Gagner’s jaw.

Here’s what happened:

For those that might be wondering if Kassian is talking to someone else… nope. What Kassian did was stupid and childish and … wait for it… is being completely overblown.

Valid, amazing points, right? Kassian isn’t the brightest lightbulb, I think we can all agree on that. But the amount of attention this has received is ridiculous. Additionally, until I hear Sam Gagner or anyone from the Edmonton Oilers. Anyone. having issue with it… I’m going to be judging you for giving this attention it doesn’t deserve. (Yes, that includes myself for writing this post.)

Is it classless? Yes. Should Kassian be embarrassed of himself for it? Absolutely. Should the Canucks organization have a talk to him about what is and is not suppose to be said? Yep. But if this hadn’t been caught on video – just like I’m sure 20 million other things aren’t – we would never have heard about it.

Additionally, the reports that Kassian never reached out and apologized for breaking Gagner’s jaw. Why make it an issue now? If you were so concerned about it, mention it before the game started, not after something “new” has happened.

Special Edition: (Most Likely) Unpopular Opinion on Tyler Seguin

Let me preface this by saying that yes, I am female. Yes, I find Tyler Seguin moderately attractive for someone who is 7 years and change younger than me. I’m not dead after all. However, I have never… wait, no I was in Boston once, over ten years ago. So. I haven’t been to Boston in the last decade and to be quite honest, I wouldn’t touch Seguin with a ten-foot pole.

Disclaimer done – Bruins, WTF you thinking? If this all stems back to “off-ice issues” I’m going to throw something. You’ve just given Dallas a dangerous weapon (I don’t appreciate it. At all. Go Canucks/Preds!) Everyone keeps throwing out the stats, blah blah blah. As a math major, I appreciate those.

The reports that he showed up wearing the same clothes three days in a row… Um. I’m sorry, I’m laughing at this. SO WHAT? He’s a) Twenty-one years old, b) Male, and c) In the midst of a very busy playoff schedule. Gee, I wonder if he didn’t have time/energy to do laundry. Just a thought. Call me crazy.

He’s talented. He’s smart with the puck (most of the time). And he’s young enough that Boston could have built the franchise around him in upcoming years.

Winner of this trade is clearly Dallas.

(And as I write this, it’s been announced that Danny Briere has signed with Montreal. YAY HABS.)