30 in 30: Day 19: Dallas Stars

For some reason, I used to really hate the Stars. I don’t even remember why that is, but I assume I disliked someone on the team and they were traded away. And then they gave me Derek Roy last year and will forever have a soft spot in my heart. Now, they’re a source of amusement. I think they have a lot of the right pieces to be really successful, they just need some seasoning together.

One of those right pieces, they added in a trade. You can go back and view my thoughts here, if you want to.  And if you don’t see where this is going,  my fave player on the Stars is…

Tyler Seguin

Hi suit porn. But okay, no I’m not here just to objectify him, because I think that’s done enough. I’m actually a fan of Tyler. I think he’s a bonehead, but hot damn can he play some gorgeous hockey. [Source: nhlhotties]

He loves his dog, and I think that’s adorable. (And points to the fact he’s probably a good person.) [Source: chiasticbees]

For all intents and purposes, he appears to be a giant dork. And I’m cool with that. This entire gif set cracks me up. [Source: kane]

And sometimes I just want to give him a hug because he looks overwhelmed and lost. [Source: chiasticbees]

But I especially love the bromance he’s formed with Jamie Benn, okay? From the few things I’ve caught, they’ve got a good friendship started, which yay. I think Tyler needs that. [Source: elqiao]

Which leads me to my

Honorable Mention: Jamie Benn

I’ll be completely honest, I didn’t really know he existed until last year, but I find him completely adorable and his bromance with Seguin just adds to it [Source: doesntmaata]

The chemistry that line has on the ice is freaking amazing. I love it. [Source: hossprey]

All images credited from sources on tumblr. Please let me know if the source is wrong or you require me to remove the image from here.


Tyler Seguin… Oh honey, no.



Oh honey. That hacking excuse only flies so many times (i.e. once) before people stop believing you. Either get a better password, keep better track of your phone, or stop hanging out with people that want to make you look bad. If you need an entourage so badly, kid… seriously. Make good choices. Please. I beg you.

This continuously feels like a cry for help, but that’s just my opinion.

Free Agency Day 2 (AKA, Derek Roy, why’d you gotta go and break my heart?)

It was a fairly quiet day for Free Agency. The Canucks gained former Florida Panther Mike Santorelli. For those unaware of who he was (like I was!), his best career numbers came when he was alongside David Booth. Here’s hoping the Canucks reunite the pair and magic happens.

We lost Andrew Gordon to the Jets – heartbreak number one. I didn’t have any real attachment to the kid, except for his name (both Andrew and Gordon are family names for me). I wish him luck in the future.

HOWEVER. THEN. Derek Roy had to go and shatter me. They stole Lappy from us yesterday, and now Derek Roy goes to the St. Louis Blues… They’re gonna take MayRay, too, aren’t they? That’s going to be tomorrow’s news. A three-day attack on my heart, brought to you by the team that contains TJ Oshie. They’ll never be able to be disinfected.

Disclaimer: I’m sure Oshie is a perfectly nice guy. I just don’t like him. Sorry, dude.

I know, I know. I said just a few days ago that Derek Roy was no great loss to the Canucks. This is true. And I would have been fine if he had signed… Oh, just about anywhere else. (Including the Wild! Go be with Parise!) In fact, I was thrilled yesterday when rumor was that Roy and the Ducks were in negotiation. If you can’t be a Canuck, be something that rhymes with it, right?

I do wish him all the best – make some money, Roy. one-year, $4 million? I guess that works. But at the end of that year, please, please go somewhere that doesn’t make me want to cry? And take Lappy with you.


Unrelated: The stuff coming out about Seguin. If it’s true, that partying too hard is a problem with him, I hope he gets help. I hope Dallas is a good fit, and that he can find a positive role model there. But most of all, I don’t want to see him burn out. He’s a talented player and just a kid, really. No one deserves to go through an addiction.

Special Edition: (Most Likely) Unpopular Opinion on Tyler Seguin

Let me preface this by saying that yes, I am female. Yes, I find Tyler Seguin moderately attractive for someone who is 7 years and change younger than me. I’m not dead after all. However, I have never… wait, no I was in Boston once, over ten years ago. So. I haven’t been to Boston in the last decade and to be quite honest, I wouldn’t touch Seguin with a ten-foot pole.

Disclaimer done – Bruins, WTF you thinking? If this all stems back to “off-ice issues” I’m going to throw something. You’ve just given Dallas a dangerous weapon (I don’t appreciate it. At all. Go Canucks/Preds!) Everyone keeps throwing out the stats, blah blah blah. As a math major, I appreciate those.

The reports that he showed up wearing the same clothes three days in a row… Um. I’m sorry, I’m laughing at this. SO WHAT? He’s a) Twenty-one years old, b) Male, and c) In the midst of a very busy playoff schedule. Gee, I wonder if he didn’t have time/energy to do laundry. Just a thought. Call me crazy.

He’s talented. He’s smart with the puck (most of the time). And he’s young enough that Boston could have built the franchise around him in upcoming years.

Winner of this trade is clearly Dallas.

(And as I write this, it’s been announced that Danny Briere has signed with Montreal. YAY HABS.)