Free Agency Day 2 (AKA, Derek Roy, why’d you gotta go and break my heart?)

It was a fairly quiet day for Free Agency. The Canucks gained former Florida Panther Mike Santorelli. For those unaware of who he was (like I was!), his best career numbers came when he was alongside David Booth. Here’s hoping the Canucks reunite the pair and magic happens.

We lost Andrew Gordon to the Jets – heartbreak number one. I didn’t have any real attachment to the kid, except for his name (both Andrew and Gordon are family names for me). I wish him luck in the future.

HOWEVER. THEN. Derek Roy had to go and shatter me. They stole Lappy from us yesterday, and now Derek Roy goes to the St. Louis Blues… They’re gonna take MayRay, too, aren’t they? That’s going to be tomorrow’s news. A three-day attack on my heart, brought to you by the team that contains TJ Oshie. They’ll never be able to be disinfected.

Disclaimer: I’m sure Oshie is a perfectly nice guy. I just don’t like him. Sorry, dude.

I know, I know. I said just a few days ago that Derek Roy was no great loss to the Canucks. This is true. And I would have been fine if he had signed… Oh, just about anywhere else. (Including the Wild! Go be with Parise!) In fact, I was thrilled yesterday when rumor was that Roy and the Ducks were in negotiation. If you can’t be a Canuck, be something that rhymes with it, right?

I do wish him all the best – make some money, Roy. one-year, $4 million? I guess that works. But at the end of that year, please, please go somewhere that doesn’t make me want to cry? And take Lappy with you.


Unrelated: The stuff coming out about Seguin. If it’s true, that partying too hard is a problem with him, I hope he gets help. I hope Dallas is a good fit, and that he can find a positive role model there. But most of all, I don’t want to see him burn out. He’s a talented player and just a kid, really. No one deserves to go through an addiction.


Free Agency Frenzy – A Recap

For what it’s worth, I recommend you follow me on Twitter, my reactions are broadcasted there through out the day as things happen.

But for those who don’t, or who would like a little more in depth reaction, here we go.

Andrew Ference to Edmonton – Ridiculously excited for this. Ference endeared himself to me when Boston was playing the Pens this season… why, I don’t remember, but that’s when he really started being on my radar. I think his experience will be a good fit in Edmonton and just yes. Great job, Oilers!

Ray Emery to Philly – YAY. Way to fix the goalie problem, Flyers! I adore Ray Emery and loved him in Chicago. He deserves good things and the Flyers better treat him well.

Anyone to the Islanders – Basically, I get to hate you next year. Sorry.

All the People to Edmonton (that aren’t Ference) – Thank you for leaving the teams you were at. Especially those running away from Phoenix. Make good choices!

Nathan Horton to Columbus – !!!!!!!!!!!!!! The CBJ Twitter woo’ed me, as Twitter accounts sometimes do. They are cleaning up and becoming THE place to be these days, it seems. (Trying to rid that tarnish of a certain former Flyer locking himself away instead of going there? Just a theory.) But yes. I like this. Also: “why he chose number 8: “Because if you turn it sideways, it means forever.”” Oh, honey.

Ryane Clowe & Michael Ryder to New Jersey – Devils wanna be my favorite East Coast team next year, don’t they? They have Schneider, now they’ve added Clowe and Ryder, who I both have soft spots for. They are winning.

At this point, I was getting a little anxious for Canucks to do something, anything. It was a quarter to eleven, Pacific Time.

Viktor Stalberg to Nashville – Yep, I’ll be buying his jersey when I make it to Nashville. It’ll match my Colin Wilson one well. THIS IS AMAZING AND NASHVILLE CONTINUED TO DO GOOD THINGS TODAY.

All people to Nashville, vroom, vroom – Cullen, Nystrom, Hendricks, Hutton. Way to go boys, way to make good choices. I will see you in October.

Bobby Ryan to the Senators (trade) – As the man himself said… He’s coming in hot. <333333 Have fun boys.

Yannick Weber to Vancouver – Hellllllloooooo handsome. I’ve read his stats, I’ve looked at vids… I like it. Thank you. (Also, way to replace the pretty quotient of Derek Roy going bye-bye.)

Brad Richardson to Vancouver – Well. I don’t hate it? My initial reaction was partying, because we no longer have to play against him in LA, but as I debate it more and more with myself… Gimme my Raymond, Lappy, Roy, and so on, instead.

Random boys to Vancouver – I don’t know who you are, I don’t know why you’re here, but why hasn’t Tanev been re-signed? THIS IS MORE IMPORTANT.

Maxim Lapierre to St Louis – WHYWHYWHYWHYWHY :(:(:( I DO NOT LIKE THIS I DO NOT LIKE THIS I DO NOT LIKE THIS. Between Ballard to the Wild and Lappy to the Blues… Ugh, just tear my heart out and stomp on it, why don’t you? Not cool, boys. Not cool.

Andrew Ebbett to Pittsburgh –  Took me by surprise because I didn’t even realize he was up for going elsewhere. But I like the Pens, so I hope he excels there.

Things That Didn’t Happen Today

Derek Roy to Anaheim – Apparently a lot of chatter, and I’m hoping he ends up there. I like the Ducks.

Mason Raymond to Calgary – Please, baby, no. You will make me cry and it won’t be pretty. Talk to the Oilers or the Preds or CBJ, please, please, please. Or the Coyotes. Or ANYONE BUT THE FLAMES. Even the Wild or the Sharks would be preferable, honey.

Free Agency (In which I cry over Mason Raymond & the Canucks in general)



Mason Raymond. Derek Roy. Maxim Lapierre. What do these three have in common besides being on the Vancouver Canucks? All UFAs this year and all most likely not to be signed by Vancouver. Of the three, Lappy is most likely to be back, from what I’ve picked up around the web.

Of the three, the one I’ll miss the most is Mason Raymond. He was the player whose story intrigued me enough to start watching hockey and he quickly became my favorite. This past season he continued to endear himself to me and the RSH line (Raymond-Schroeder-Hansen) blew me out of the water. I think that given a little more time, the “speed” line would have been hard to contain by other teams.

My dream placement – should the Canucks not blow me out of the water and re-sign him after all – is Nashville. Can you imagine a healthy Colin Wilson and MayRay on a line? All my dreams coming true.

The acquisition of Derek Roy made me pause for all of about 30 seconds before his grin got to me. Shortly after that I became a fan of his skating style – so sue me, I saw the pretty smile and eyes first. I was fortunate enough to see his first goal as a Canuck against Nashville (in Nashville at my very first live hockey game) and may have screamed my lungs out while surrounded by Predators’ fans. Losing him will not only make the average height of the Canucks go back up (slightly offset by Jordan Schroeder – herein after known as The Brat for Reasons) but will decrease the amount of pretty on the team. Chris Higgins’ abs will have a lot to live up to. But on that, if the largest worry is who is going to provide devastating smiles during interviews… The Canucks are most likely doing the right thing in not re-signing him.

Lappy, however. It will piss me off if they do not do something about Lapierre. He gels with the team and more than that, I believe they need him to anchor the forth line. Come on, Canucks. You’ll give a contract to Tom Sestito, but not Maxim Lapierre? That makes no sense to me.



(Next time on Ash on Ice – Luongo #1/Schneider trade thoughts, Coach Swap: Rangers & Canucks opinion, & whatever other breaking news catches my attention.)