Women Hockey Fans: Randi

Meet Randi (@RandiSaysHello)!


How Did You Get Into Hockey?
My dad has been a die hard Rangers fan for longer than I’ve been alive. He took me to the NYR team skills competition in 1992, which was fun. Then, in 1994, he was going to games during the playoffs. I was bored so I decided to watch a Rangers Devils third round game and I was hooked.


What is your favorite/least favorite part about the sport?
My favorite part of the sport is the speed and excitement on the ice. No sport can keep up with the pace of hockey and I was instantly blown away by the level of pure skill possessed by the athletes.
Least favorite part is the injury causing cheap shots and dirty plays. There is no need to take away from the excitement by elbowing a person in the head.

Do you follow any other sports?
In addition to hockey, I am a baseball fan.

Are you strictly an NHL fan or do you follow other leagues?
I am an NHL fan and an NCAA fan, and more specifically, Hockey East.

What is/are your favorite team(s)?
The New York Rangers are my favorite NHL team. My other favorite team is the Boston University Terriers.

Boston University has a history for excelling at college hockey. While universities in cities don’t always give you a united feel, you always felt like part of a community at a Terrier hockey game. Whether it is attending Midnight Mania to kick off a season or watching Beanpot from TD Garden, you know you’re involved in hockey history.


Do you have a favorite player?
My favorite player is Jason Spezza. As a teenager, I bought a pack of hockey cards and came across an autographed Spezza rookie card. From that point on, I followed his career. I love how he sees the ice.

Do you follow/use/analyze with advanced stats?
I don’t pay attention to advanced stats. I love hockey because of what I see on the ice. I don’t need to quantify it to love or understand the sport.

Do you have a favorite hockey memory?
My favorite hockey memory is BU winning the 2009 NCAA Championship. With three minutes to go in the game, they were down by two goals to the University of Miami Ohio. They pulled the goalie with three minutes to go. Scored a goal with 59 seconds to go, tied the game with 17 seconds, and then won in overtime.

If you could change one thing about how NHL hockey is played, what would it be?
While this isn’t exactly about the product on the ice, I would change suspensions. A suspension should be determined due to the actions of the guilty party. The potential resulting injury to the other player should not factor into the length.

How has your presence been welcomed (or not) by men – either on social media or at games/bars?
About 90% of the men I encounter embrace the fact that I am a female fan. Most of them either don’t consider it any different than any other fan. Some get excited because they enjoy women who understand sports. There have been the occasional men who either expect me to prove myself to them or ask me who the cutest guy on the team is. I respond by asking them who they think is the cutest since clearly, that is the only factor in being a fan.

If you interact with other hockey fans on social media, what are your favorite and least favorite parts?
My favorite part of interacting with fans on social media is making new friends with similar interests. I love talking sports. The worst part is that there are a lot of ignorant fans who can’t have conversations beyond calling names or saying a player/team sucks, whether true or not.

Is there anything else you want to share on your thoughts on hockey?
Hockey is an amazing sport. It is fun to watch, it has been a huge part of my relationship with my father, and has helped me make many amazing friends.


Women Hockey Fans Profile Series

When I put out on Twitter yesterday that I had an idea to do a series profiling women hockey fans, I never expected the response I received. I assumed that perhaps a few of my friends would be interested, and that was it. Boy, was I wrong! Women from all over the world – fans of all different teams – contacted me.

I wanted to do something new and different. We know about the players, the coaches, the staff – or that information is readily available for reading. But what about the fans? Without them, the game would not be half as interesting. And – sorry, men – how do women hockey fans become interested in the sport? What do they like or dislike about it? I know my own story, but there are so many different tales to tell.

Over the next few weeks – or as long as I keep getting responses – I’ll be posting these women’s profiles. Get to know your fellow fans.

If you’re interested in being profiled, feel free to contact me at mercilynn@gmail.com – the more, the merrier! Two to three times a week I will post an interview – I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.