30 in 30: Day 30!!!: Nashville Predators & Vancouver Canucks

First, I have to apologize for slacking the last two teams. I’ve had the head cold from hell – or maybe from Winnipeg, that appears to be hell. Plus, really, my top two teams are pretty interchangeable. I would be here all day if I had to choose just one favorite between the two. Or hell, choose between just the Preds: Colin Wilson or Roman Josi or Carter Hutton or Marek Mazanec or Seth Jones or Filip Forsberg or Rich Clune ororor, so many choices. Or just the Canucks: Eddie Lack or Jordan Schroeder or Kevin Bieksa or Chris Tanev or Mason Raymond or Ryan Kesler or… you get the picture, I’m sure.

Starting with Nashville, the guy that seduced me over to the Preds last year should probably take the first position. While not my absolute favorite hockey player ever (please see Mason Raymond), he’s definitely up high on he list (I will never do a list because too many options. But so

Nashville Predators: Colin Wilson

CWilson. Let me objectify you on a daily basis. [Source: the-destroia]

That stare. [Source: courtneydagger50]

TONGUE. [Source: the-destroia]

MOAR TONGUE. [Source: rocktheredblueandgold]

Vancouver Canucks: Jordan Schroeder

He is a brat and I adore him dearly for it. [Source: jordanschroeders]

He’s also kind of okay at hockey. [Source: jordanschroeders]

I am not totally distracted by this. [Source: jordanschroeders]

But back to that whole being a brat thing… Also the internet is forever and you cannot delete things before I screencap them, child. Good try though. [Source: my twitter]

Nashville Predators: Carter Hutton

Carter Hutton Amazing Save Dot Gif is a thing. He pulls out these highlight reel saves about every other game, but in between those saves are these crazy MISSES that he should have made, but I love him any ways. [Source: buzzfeedsports]

He fits really, really well in Nashville. When Pekka comes back, it’s going to be an amazing duo to watch. [Source: uptheboards]

Also, he’s friend with Eddie Lack which makes him a good guy in my book! [Source: nhlhcky]

Vancouver Canucks: Kevin Bieksa

He looks like he gives really good celebratory hugs. [Source: jordanschroeders]

HE CAN WIN FACEOFFS LIKE WHOA. [Source: textsfromlastperiod]

I don’t even know, I just needed to include this picture. [Source: sedintwins]

Sometimes he eats tape? He was hungry during the game. IDK here either. [Source: s-piznarski]

Nashville Predators: Roman Josi

Roman Josi: Real Male Model. [Source: queenofthesmalltownrumor]

Shorts and flip flops and a backwards hat, but I’m still paying attention. [Source: ladernierefille]

His eyeeeeeeeees. I could look into them forever. [Source: nhlhotties]

Go Preds! [Source: orpikjam44]

Last, but certainly not least

Vancouver Canucks: Eddie Lack

Your argument is invalid. [Source: glovehand]

I love his smiiiiiile. Omg. [Source: flawlessswedes]

Eddie Lack victory dance is adorable. [Source: bieksler]

His eyes are lovely. And his hair. And just yes. [Source: gauncer]

And so concludes our journey. I hope you’ve had just as much fun a I have. You can find me on Twitter @ashonice or here, as always.

Images from tumblr and credited accordingly.


30 in 30: Day 28: Edmonton Oilers

Despite the loss that the Oilers gave the Canucks last night and the Preds the night before, they still rank in my top three. Quite a distance behind my top two, but definitely top three.

Choosing a favorite player from them is nearly as difficult as it was for the Flyers. I have the same problem with the Predators and Canucks though… which probably explains why they’re my favorites, right? Any hoos… In no particular order this time:

Taylor Hall/Jordan Eberle/Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

Oh boys. I believe the original source for this one is one of their twitters, to be honest. I just have it saved in a file [Source: ??]

No words necessary for this or the following .gif, I’m pretty sure…

Boys, put away your tongues unless you’re intending to use them [Source (of both .gifs): glovehand]

Doing that hockey thing well, I see. [Source: nhl-hits-goals-saves]

Puck goes in the net, Hallsy. Not you on top of it. [Source: glovehand]

… I’m okay. That thud you heard was just me falling out of my chair. Nothing to see here. [Source: jordaneberle14]

… Right, I’ll just stay down here then. The floor’s comfortable after all [Source: nhlhotties]

Oh come on. That’s not even fair. [Source: hockeycrazy52]

That suit. Yum. [Source: officialblackhawks]

Images from tumblr and credited accordingly.

30 in 30: Day 27: Philadelphia Flyers

Better late than never, right? Mondays, man.

Any ways, the Flyers have stolen my heart pretty effectively. So much so that I have not one, not two, but three honorable mentions coming up after my favorite. And really, they’re all pretty interchangeable on the favorites list, to be quite honest. Though, I suppose this guy edges them out just slightly…

Brayden Schenn

Braaaay. [Source: misharoux]

You might have been saying something but hipbones. [Source: boybands-and-hockey]

I objectify him and I hear he’s half-way decent at this hockey thing. Your point? [Source: howmanyrings]

Schenns are brothers… which segues nicely into my honorable mentions… [Source: macdrouins]

Honorable Mention #1: Luke Schenn

Right, okay. [Source: whoaxitsxamanda]

Really, you should just go check out mish’s Luke Schenn tag [Source: misharoux]

Honorable Mention #2: Matt Read

Arm. Porn. Done. [Source: moonsaults]

And lastly – Honorable Mention #3 – Steve Mason

Yeah, I basically just wanted an excuse to use that .gif [Source: beautyandthekush]

Images from tumblr and credited accordingly.

30 in 30: Day 26: Montreal Canadiens

Soooo, yep. I’m a Habs fan. They’ve wooed me to their ways – or maybe it’s because I have a few friends that are Habs fans. Also, yes this is late as all get out, but I’ve been sick. 😦

I had a lot of trouble deciding on my faves. Really, I had problems with the last few days, because I love so many players on my top 5 teams. But who wants a picspam of every player on them? (Well, no I’m sure we do, but I don’t have the energy for that. So, I narrowed it down.

Fave player on the Habs…

PK Subban

I hear he’s kind of good at this thing called hockey. [Source: glacines]

And a good person, what? [Source: olympicanada]

There is so much going on in this picture I don’t even know where to start, I’ll just enjoy it. [Source: faceoffs]

Fantastic smile. [Source: glovehand]

And together they give me such glee. [Source: redshirtwalking]

So, like I said above, you could basically insert the entire lineup of the Habs and they could all be my honorable mention, especially Carey Price. But, the other one I have the largest soft spot for…

Honorable Mention: Alex Galchenyuk

How can you not adore that face? [Source: pricernellkarl]

He’s precious. And the entire gifset is adorable. I recommend you go watch it. [Source: jttoews]

I can’t help but sit and giggle at this. So adorbs. [Source: jbenns]

Images from tumblr and credited accordingly.

30 in 30: Day 25: Chicago Blackhawks

I’m tired and migraine-y, so just imagine I wrote a cute little intro here. We’re all really here for the pictures any ways:

Patrick Kane

Hey there, Patrick Kane. I hear you’re pretty good at this thing called hockey. And you don’t look too bad in a suit. [Source: bergenhockey]

Right okay. Presented without comment. [Source: dallas41chicago88]

Like I said above. Good at this thing we call hockey. [Source: maybeordinary]

No idea who gif’ed, but it’s from that commercial he did. JFC it’s amazing. And mesmerizing.

Buuuut, at least 20% of the reason I enjoy PKane so much is his bromance with JToews. So…

Honorable Mention: Jonathan Toews

Pretty adorable, boys. [Source: joetoews]

With a puppy! How cute is that? [Source: icedkaner]

Images credited via tumblr. Let me know if there’s an issue.

30 in 30: Day 24: Carolina Hurricanes

Y’all don’t know how tempted I was to fuss with the scheduling just so I could go ahead and do the Preds before they make any more trades. STOP IT PREDS, I NEED MY PEOPLES TO STAY WHERE THEY ARE.

Any whoos, I adore the Canes something fierce. They might not be the best hockey team around, but they’re very entertaining. Also, did you know that Staals are brothers? BREAKING NEWS, I know.

And as such, you would think a Staal would be my favorite, wouldn’t you? But alas, no. Even though the odds are with them, my fave belongs to another….

Manny Malhotra

You had to see that coming. Former Canucks player, great story. You betcha he’s my favorite. [Source: jordaneberle14]

He worked his ass off to get back after his eye injury.

He was loved (and is missed) here. [Source: rawrzuhlind (Pretty sure this is a Jeff Vinnik Behind the Lens, to be honest]

Adorable with children. [fuckyeahnhlguysandcutekids]

I repeat, adorable with children. [Source: lovelaughxo]

Pretty damn good at that hockey thing.

Honorable Mention: Jeff Skinner

Still not a Staal but twice as adorable. [Source: staalskinner]

Check out that smile. It’s ridiculous. [Source: worlldruler]

Someone check his ID. He can’t be old enough to play in the NHL, he looks 12. [Source: hockeyisall]

Images from tumblr and credited accordingly. Let me know if there’s an issue.

30 in 30: Day 23: Columbus Blue Jackets

Okay. #Lumbus you’re up. Half the reason they rank so high is their twitter accounts, I’m perfectly serious. Whoever’s on their social media team is a genius. I mean. They’re no Derek Jory, but they’re dang good.

Going through the team I have lots of choices of my favorite. I mean, Bobrovsky should be the obvious choice. But then. Then there’s this kid that has stolen my heart…

Ryan Murray

Child, stop. [Source: kyleekhaos34]

I repeat. Stop. [Source: kyleekhaos34]

This child. Adorable. [Source: nhlhotties]

He can do that hockey thing pretty well, too. [Source: brendansgallagher]

He’s 20. He also played in Washington for the Silvertips which makes my heart happy. [Source: bluejackets instagram]

Honey child, what’s going on with that hair? Let me fix that for you. [Source: kyleekhaos34]

Ah. That’s what’s going on with your hair. [Source: elqiao]

Images from tumblr and instagram. Talk to me if there’s a crediting problem.