Women’s Hockey News Roundup

With less than a month to the CWHL draft (August 23!), player confirmations are starting to come in hot and heavy of whether they’ve signed with the CWHL or NWHL. I’d like to promise that I’ll be more regular about giving news, but … life. In the meantime, enjoy a wrap up of the information from the last month.

  • You can track all the NWHL free agent signing on their website! [NWHL.co]
  • The CWHL 2015-2016 schedule was announced. [CWHL.ca]
  • The NWHL 2015-2016 schedule was announced. [NWHL.co]
  • 6.24.15 Amanda Pelkey is the first to sign in the NWHL with the Boston Pride [Stanley Cup of Chowder]
  • 6.26.15 NWHL signings came in hot and heavy after the draft [Today’s Slapshot]
  • 6.28.15 NWHL NY Riveters add Celeste Brown [The Hockey Writers]
  • 6.28.15 NWHL Connecticut Whale made the first three signings in club history by inking forwards Sam Faber and Shiann Darkangelo, as well as goaltender Chelsea Laden [The Hockey Writers]
  • 7.1.15 NWHL Connecticut Whale sign Kaleigh Fratin [The Hockey Writers]
  • 7.2.15 Angela Ruggiero deserving of Hockey Hall of Fame nod [Today’s Slapshot]
  • 7.2.15 NWHL Boston Pride sign Bolden, Gagliardi, and Dempsey [Stanley Cup of Chowder]
  • 7.3.15 CWHL Pioneer Lisa-Marie Breton-Lebreux Joins Montreal Stars’ Award-Winning Coaching Staff [Women’s Hockey Life]
  • 7.4.15 Morgan Fritz-Ward and Kiira Dosdall join the NWHL NY Riveters [Today’s Slapshot]
  • 7.6.15 NWHL Buffalo Beauts add Brianne McLaughlin and Connecticut Whale add Kaleigh Fratkin [Today’s Slapshot]
  • 7.9.15 Jordan Smelker, Emily Field Bring Offensive Know-How To NWHL Boston Pride [Today’s Slapshot]
  • 7.10.15 On July 9, former Boston Blades captain and player Jessica Koizumi and Danielle Ward became the fifth and sixth free agents to sign with the NWHL Connecticut Whale [Today’s Slapshot]
  • 7.8.15 Scott Reid will remain head coach of the CWHL Calgary Inferno [Matchsticks & Gasoline]
  • 7.12.15 Where should the NWHL expand to next? [The Hockey Writers]
  • 7.13.15 One third of the NWHL free agents were formerly of the CWHL Boston Blades [Stanley Cup of Chowder]
  • 7.13.15 NWHL develops charity connections [Today’s Slapshot]
  • 7.14.15 Hayley Wickenheiser will enter the CWHL draft with the intention of being drafted by the Calgary Inferno [CWHL.ca]
  • 7.14.15 NWHL Buffalo Beauts sign Devon Skeats [Today’s Slapshot]
  • 7.15.15 NWHL Buffalo Beauts’ Erin Zach on Growing The Game [Today’s Slapshot]
  • 7.15.15 NWHL NY Riveters add Beth Hanrahan and Morgan Packer [Today’s Slapshot]
  • 7.16.15 Brittany Ott makes the jump from the CWHL to the NWHL [Today’s Slapshot]
  • 7.16.15 Lindsay Grigg and Kelly McDonald signed to NWHL Buffalo Beauts as their first defenders [Today’s Slapshot]
  • 7.18.15 Wickenheiser’s impending arrival yet another boost to CWHL Calgary Inferno’s rise [Matchsticks & Gasoline]
  • 7.20.15 Amanda Kessel’s college playing career is over [Grand Forks Herald]
  • 7.23.15 NWHL jersey design contest winners announced and revealed [NWHL.co]
  • 7.23.15 An interview with NWHL Connecticut Whale’s Micaela Long reveals no trade clauses are starting to appear [Today’s Slapshot]
  • 7.24.15 Announced on Twitter that the Boston Blades will be moving to the NESC in Marlborough.
  • 7.25.15 NWHL NY Riveters sign Russian forward Lyudmila Belyakova [Lighthouse Hockey]
  • 7.25.15 Nana Fujimoto and Lyudmila Belyakova influencing future stars [Today’s Slapshot]
  • 7.27.15 NWHL NY Riveters sign Japan’s Nana Fujimoto [Lighthouse Hockey]
  • 7.28.15 NWHL Connecticut Whale add goaltender Jaimie Leonoff and defender Tara Tomimoto [Today’s Slapshot]
  • 7.29.15 CWHL Montreal Stars to play 4 games at the Canadiens Bell Complex in Brossard [Habs Eyes on the Prize]
  • 7.29.15 CWHL Boston Blades Hire Brian McCloskey As Head Coach [Today’s Slapshot]
  • 7.30.15 CWHL Boston Blades GM Krista Patronick, Head Coach Brian McCloskey, and CWHL Commissioner Brenda Andress commentary on McCloskey’s hiring [Stanley Cup of Chowder]
  • 7.30.15 NWHL NY Riveters find shutdown defender in Ashley Johnston [Today’s Slapshot]
  • 7.30.15 The Top 3 NWHL Free Agents left [Today’s Slapshot]
  • 7.31.15  Corinne Buie will join the NWHL Boston Pride and Elena Orlanda will head to the NWHL NY Riveters for the upcoming season. [NWHL.co]
  • 7.31.15 NWHL Buffalo Beauts announce pre-season youth training camp [NWHL.co]

Personal request: if you are covering the NWHL Buffalo Beauts, NWHL Connecticut Whale, or CWHL Brampton Thunder, PLEASE let me know. I’m aware of the following SB Nation blogs that plan to cover their corresponding NWHL/CWHL teams.

  • Habs Eyes on the Prize → CWHL Montreal Stars
  • Stanley Cup of Chowder → NWHL Boston Blades and CWHL Boston Pride
  • Matchsticks & Gasoline → CWHL Calgary Inferno
  • Lighthouse Hockey → NWHL NY Riveters
  • Pension Plan Puppets → CWHL Toronto Furies [edited] and CWHL Brampton Thunder

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