NWHL Draft Recap and League Info

As summer begins and men’s hockey season ends, you may start going through hockey withdrawals. I strongly urge you to take this time to educate yourself on another part of hockey. WOMEN’S hockey. I only recently started watching (this season with the CWHL) but I’m hooked.

Today, the inaugural draft for the National Women’s Hockey League (NWHL) was held. There are four teams in the NWHL, the Buffalo Beauts, New York Riveters, Boston Pride, and Connecticut Whale. The draft order was Riveters, Whales, Pride, then Beauts. You can see all the draft picks with extra fun information such as vines or gifts on the @NWHL_ twitter account, but if you don’t want to search, a quick recap.

In order, @NYRiveters selected:

Alex Carpenter (Boston College), Haley Skarupa (Boston College), Erin Ambrose (Clarkson University), Dana Trivigno (Boston College), and Kimberly Newell (Princeton University).

@CTWhale_NWHL selected:

Hannah Brandt (University of Minnesota), Michelle Picard (Harvard University), Milica McMillen (University of Minnesota), Maryanne Menefee (University of Minnesota), and Cassandra Poudrier (Cornell University)

There is a fantastic profile of these draftees at the Hockey Writers by @imaraindancer.

@TheBostonPride selected:

Kendall Coyne (Northeastern University), Emerance Maschmeyer (Harvard University), Lexi Bender (Boston College), Miye D’Oench (Harvard University), and Shannon Macaulay (Clarkson University).

Make sure to check out @zoeclaire_‘s recap at the Stanley Cup of Chowder!

And finally, the @BuffaloBeauts selected:

Courtney Burke (University of Wisconsin), Sarah LeFort (Boston University), Amanda Leveille (University of Minnesota), Emily Janiga (Mercyhurst University), and Jenna Dingeldein (Mercyhurst University).

Now you know the players, but what about the rest of the fans? We gotcha covered – or at least started. @NicoleHaase put together a fantastic list of Twitter users!

So now where can you follow along? Well, there are a few blog off-shoots (Stanley Cup of Chowder, The Hockey Writers, and Today’s Slapshot have sections, for example). Hockey Without Propriety talks about women’s hockey often. High Heels and High Sticks and At Even Strength have sections. Watch This Hockey and Women’s Hockey Life cover solely women’s hockey news, across all levels. @CourtneyHeiss will occasionally cover at Hawks and Habs. I’m sure there are more that I’m missing, but those are the ones that I know of for now. (And, obviously, there is right here, but more on that later.) Edit: Two more writers. @firstlinehockey will cover women’s hockey here and @ReinaDeLaIsla covers women’s hockey for Matchsticks & Gasoline and Hockey Wilderness (Both SB Nation offshoots).

Some upcoming important dates:

July 6-9, 2015: NWHL Canadian Training Camp
July 23-27, 2015: NWHL International Training Camp (in Boston)
August 17, 2015: NWHL Free Agency ends
August 23, 2015: CWHL Entry Draft

I will be doing my best to post relevant news here – or at least do a link wrap up weekly/biweekly. And as both the CWHL and NWH seasons begin, I will definitely be posting score and schedule updates.


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