Guest Post: Women & Media Project

Hey guys,

Guest poster Debra over here. Ashley has been kind enough to host the final semester project for my Women & Media class here on her blog.

This project focuses on hockey Twitter and how women are treated. I’ve interviewed several women, asking to talk about their experiences on Twitter and in regards to hockey overall. Some have been a part of hockey Twitter since the beginning, some are newer but all their stories are well-founded and also with similarities. As you listen, you’ll probably notice a few themes are repetitive: the lack of safety, the hostility, that the league needs to work on making the environment more welcoming for everyone – women, People of Color, LGBT fans – it’s all connected. And if it’s repetitive, then it’s a big enough problem that needs some fixing.

What I intended with this project is to continue and add to the education of what it really means for women to be a part of internet culture. Because that’s really all we can do – continue to educate, open eyes and ears to individual stories. There isn’t one story for all women; each woman who participated in this tells a unique story. And hopefully, with each interview, people will start to understand where it went wrong and what can be done to change things – to be better. Because really, that’s what we, as people, strive toward doing. Or at least we should be 🙂

Now, onto the Interviews which are below.  The women I spoke with are Zoë, Heather, Laura, Kat, Ashley, Toni , and Sarah. Thank you, again and a million times over, to these wonderful women who took part in this, were super helpful, informative, patient, and just overall really great to speak with.






Toni pt 1

pt 2


I hope you enjoy listening to these and find them eye-opening, entertaining, and worth your time.


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