UPDATED: On Dustin Penner

I’m not going to rehash what we all already know about Dustin Penner – and if you don’t, feel free to go read his Twitter timeline or this recap. [Trigger warnings apply for rape and bad attempts at humor.]

All caught up? Awesome. Now here’s a few things:

1) I don’t buy his apology. He’s still not taking ownership that he screwed up. He apologizes for hurting people, yes. But he still doesn’t see that the “joke” is wrong – he sees that others are telling him that he may have hurt people and feels bad that he has offended his friends.

2) Regarding his “I pulled out of TSN“. If that was the case, why did Cabbie call him? Why didn’t he pick up the phone himself? Further, perhaps it’s just me, but it feels very “I’m breaking up with you before you break up with me”, to be honest.

3) And finally, the wording of this tweet from @TSN_PR. I’ll lead you to draw your own conclusions.

Don’t label Dustin Penner as the “hero” of this story. He’s not. And he has no one to blame except himself for that.


Because I know some people are unaware, Sean Avery kind of weighed in? Sort of…

Everyone should be caught up now, yes? Now go wash the grossness off.


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