Hockey Community Request: Can We Stop Fan-Policing?

I have a request, Hockey Community. Can we stop with the “fan-policing”? I don’t mean when someone is being a misogynistic, homophobic, racist (or otherwise derogatory) jerk, but among ourselves.

Newsflash: There’s no wrong way to be a fan. You can like/dislike/tolerate whatever player you want on whatever team you want. Including the members of your own team. You can still cheer for the team without necessarily liking everyone on it. You can appreciate the off-ice contributions of players while hating their play. You can cheer for a goal by the well-known party boy. It’s okay!

Some people like to get loud and scream and cheer and jeer at games. Others like to watch it in their own homes, quietly biting their nails. Some like to dress up to go to a game, others don’t bother. It. Doesn’t. Matter.

Not everyone enjoys hockey the exact same way you do. Not everyone has the same favorite player – even if they have the same favorite team. Some people have multiple favorites! Some have none at all. Not everyone approves of every single decision management makes and thinks that they can do no wrong. Some people like to analyze the game with advanced stats, others don’t. We all enjoy hockey in our own ways.

What’s not okay is to shame others for how they enjoy the game. It’s not okay to shame people for questioning players, coaches, or general managers. It’s also not okay to shame fans for not questioning them. It’s really not okay to make someone feel bad for how they enjoy their hobby.

So, can we just stop with that? Please? Thank you.


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