[Opinion Post] You’re Not Worth My Time or Respect

It’s funny how one little action can completely change your idea of someone. Especially as a fan with regards to a professional athlete. In a moment, a tweet, a favorite, a retweet, or a block can alter your perception of them.

This week in particular was very much an eye-opener for me on social media. I’ve mentioned before how much I adore the Seattle Seahawks, and SuperBowl Sunday was an event at my house. The loss stung, but not as much as turning to social media and seeing athletes I had previously respected behaving as classless, sore winners. Yes, you read that right. The ones who were cheering on the Patriots – or in some cases, any team that wasn’t the Seattle Seahawks – were the ones that were the most ill-behaved (in my opinion).

I don’t say this as a hurt fan of a losing team. I love my team, it was a battle, and a great game. I say this as someone who watched other professional athletes drag down members of the Seattle Seahawks. Calling Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman ‘thugs’. Or, in a very memorable instant:

Needless to say, I did a lot of unfollowing in the hours post-SuperBowl.

Today, I learned another lesson. Sometimes, there is no rhyme or reason to social media interactions and fans don’t receive the respect they deserve.

I, along with a few other fans, was blocked by a silly member of the Nashville Predators organization. Prior to tonight, I personally had only said kind things about him. Tonight, after he had blocked a friend of mine (a fan of his who did not tweet anything negative at him), I posted this:

I remain a fan of the Nashville Predators, I remain a fan of James Neal’s ability on the ice. However, I am no longer a fan of him off the ice, or his social media persona. Treat your fans with respect, Neal. Word gets around. Grow up and think about your actions. Blocking because someone called you silly? Oh, honey. No.

(All tweets to/about James Neal by me can be found here, btw. Decide for yourself.)

Further, if you’re going to search your name (which is how he must have blocked my friend), and disregard the good and only look at the bad, I’ve only got one thing for you:

bye felicia


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