Let’s Make a Change

Hi, Hockey Community,

There’s been a lot of discussion in recent days/weeks/months about discrimination and being better and being nicer and accepting that some people need to be educated but that those that are doing the educating need to have patience.

And that’s all true. Absolutely. One hundred percent. We all need to be better, and nicer, and have patience that change isn’t going to happen immediately.

HOWEVER. In continuing to shove that down our throats, you are telling the minority to be silent when their voices desperately need to be heard. I can only speak for myself, but I can promise that I am trying to be better. That I am trying to be nicer.

“It” gets better – but only if we work for it. Only if you work for it with me. I addressed this post to the Hockey Community on purpose. It can’t just be the minority working towards the betterment of the whole because that’s the minority making changes to fit in and not the ones that actually need to make changes.

Sometimes it takes yelling and screaming and fighting and name calling to get attention where it deserves. Sometimes people need to be called out in public, to get others’ attention to them. Sometimes you have tried the gentler, softer, kinder approach with someone – or seen someone else try – and know it’s not going to work.

Stop condemning people for being upset. They care. Get mad at people when they say stupid things. Demand change. Nothing ever will if we all just sit here saying that we need to be better and don’t do something to make it happen.

If you’re going to get mad – get mad with a purpose. Don’t be afraid to overreact; in my opinion, there hasn’t been enough reacting.

Don’t direct your ire towards those of us who say that we’re trying to be better – direct it towards those who say there’s nothing to be better about.

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