Women Hockey Fans: Josie

Meet Josie (@CrosbysStache)!


How Did You Get Into Hockey?
I used to watch a bit of the Leafs back when they had Sundin, but as a casual viewer, I sort of stopped after the 04-05 lockout. But then the 2010 Winter Olympics happened, and I have them to thank for falling back in love with hockey. The overtime gold medal game got me and after Crosby scored, I knew I was hooked and that I wanted to keep watching forever. The only difference was that I started watching the Penguins instead.

What is your favorite/least favorite part about the sport?
I like that it’s a fast paced sport. The whistle doesn’t blow every 5 seconds and players can continue playing without stoppage. And because I became a fan during the Olympics, I love how it brings a whole group of people together no matter what their background.

I dislike the “macho man” mentality. So many players end up playing while badly injured and when the fans find out about it, praise them for doing it. It’s not something that should be celebrated. It’s an incredibly toxic mentality to me. And as a female, I loathe the sexist comments about players (Sedin sisters, Cindy Crosby, etc). It’s not original, it’s not funny, and puts down an entire gender, many of whom are fans.

Do you follow any other sports?
I became a baseball fan a couple of years ago and religiously follow the Toronto Blue Jays.

Are you strictly an NHL fan or do you follow other leagues?
Basically just an NHL fan.

What is/are your favorite team(s)?
My favourite team is the Pittsburgh Penguins. My Western Conference team is the Vancouver Canucks, and I also follow the Carolina Hurricanes.

Do you have a favorite player?
Yes, my favourite player is Sidney Crosby. He’s the reason why I became a fan of this game and he’s just remarkable to watch. I can’t wait to tell my children that yes, I saw him play in his prime. And a very, very close second is Jordan Staal. I always say that if Sid didn’t score the golden goal, Jordan would be my favourite player. I’m not too sure when or how I became a huge fan of his, but I am and he’s a massive reason why I started following the Carolina Hurricanes.

Do you follow/use/analyze with advanced stats?
I’m quite new to the advance stats camp. I’m still learning about them because it seems to be the next big thing for the sport and I should know about them if I ever want a job in this field.

Do you have a favorite hockey memory?
I think my favourite has to be going to Pittsburgh to watch the Pens play the New Jersey Devils in 2012. It was Sid’s first game back at the Consol after his second comeback and he scored a beautiful goal. I swear, I’ve never heard an arena get that loud before. Jordan Staal also scored a goal and I was in my seat to see it and it was amazing. Besides that, I also got to see Martin Brodeur play in net, and Zach Parise play as a Devil before he left.

If you could change one thing about how NHL hockey is played, what would it be?
I don’t think there’s much I’d change. I’d probably get rid of the shootout, if anything. It annoys me that a skills competition can decide whether a team gets the extra point or not.

How has your presence been welcomed (or not) by men- either on social media or at games/bars?
Male hockey fans on social media have been sort of a bust for me. They don’t like the fact that I call them out on sexist comments. I’ve met a few good ones though. In real life has been better. When a guy finds out I’m a hockey fan, they get really excited and start talking to me about the sport. I’ve been really lucky in that aspect.

How has your presence been welcomed (or not) by women- either on social media or at games/bars?
Women have been awesome. They’re inviting and fun and the best part was when I was a new fan, they didn’t make fun of me or something for not knowing the game. They were patient and sweet and helped explain the game to me. 

If you interact with other hockey fans on social media, what are your favorite and least favorite parts?
My favourite thing is the debates that can go on. Now, this is really hit or miss because there can be some ingnorant people, but there are some smart people that can handle a real debate. Whether or not they agree with you, if they know what they’re talking about it’s a great way to engage other fans. The worst part are the trolls, like the people wishing serious injury on other players and what not. Just ick.

Is there anything else you want to share on your thoughts on hockey?
It’s a great sport and I’m so thankful I became a fan because I’ve met a lot of wonderful people thanks to it.

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