Women Hockey Fans: Bryn

Meet Bryn (@Brynnsational)!


How Did You Get Into Hockey?
I went to a Seattle Thunderbirds game in 2008 with my dad and just fell in love with the sport after a couple times of watching it.

1280px-Seattle_Thunderbirds_logo.svgWhat is your favorite/least favorite part about the sport?
My favorite aspect of the sport is the excitement and thrill watching a game live, or on TV, brings me. Nothing compares to it.

No matter how perfect I think this sport is, my least favorite part is the immediate and intense danger every single player is put under when they step onto the ice to play the game. From stitches, broken bones, concussions, internal health problems, mental health, and, in extremely unfortunate cases, paralysis, I can’t fathom having to know that with every game you play, you are risking your life doing something you have devoted your whole life to.

Do you follow any other sports?
Yes! Baseball is a close second after hockey, and then football. A big fan of both the Seattle Mariners and Seahawks!


Are you strictly an NHL fan or do you follow other leagues?
My first hockey game ever was a WHL game, so I follow that league closely, also the NHL.

What is/are your favorite team(s)?
My favorite NHL teams are the Vancouver Canucks and Pittsburgh Penguins! Outside the NHL, its the Seattle Thunderbirds, without a doubt. That team is the one that made me fall in love with the sport in the first place and I know I will be a fan for the rest of my life. Seeing the younger generation of hockey players develop their skills and talent while trying to fulfill their dreams of making it to the NHL is so amazing to witness.

Do you have a favorite player?
I don’t think I can choose ONE favorite player of mine. Between the superstars of my 2 favorite teams, from Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, the Sedin Twins, Alex Burrows, Chris Higgins, and Kris Letang, a favorite falls on no one in particular. The Canucks and Penguins, and every player on their rosters, has my appreciation.

Do you follow/use/analyze with advanced stats?
I don’t usually analyze the game with advanced stats or anything like that because I’m more interested on watching what’s going down on the ice, not in the stat book. I just find my self looking at the stats of a certain player or team on NHL.com whenever needed.

Do you have a favorite hockey memory?
One of my favorite memories regarding hockey was getting to witness the era of goalie Calvin Pickard in the Seattle Thunderbirds organization. He holds the current record for saves and minutes played, and was a star. Being at the game where he ended his WHL career was hard, but we can’t wait to see him in the NHL full-time.

If you could change one thing about how NHL hockey is played, what would it be?
If I could change something, I would advocate putting a “warning track” on the ice, all because the players’ and their safety should be #1. If a player knows that once they hit that “warning track” to raise their head, since they have the chance of being hit, it might erase some of the problem of major concussion or worse injuries occurring.

How has your presence been welcomed (or not) by men – either on social media or at games/bars?
I think that my presence as a female hockey fan has been welcomed fairly good by the men fans. Going to so many games, I have become friends with many fans, men included. I can’t recall any experience I’ve had of one of them not accepting me because of being female. We are all here because of one thing, and that’s hockey.

How has your presence been welcomed (or not) by women – either on social media or at games/bars?
Again, I have not yet had a bad experience with any female fans. When looking back, becoming a fan of the sport and watching so many games in person, I have met SO MANY of my really good friends today through hockey. Regarding social media, its like one big family, and if anything, only unharmful jokes are made between others, but that’s only because our allegiances with our favorite teams are different.

If you interact with other hockey fans on social media, what are your favorite and least favorite parts?
Social media is there to interact with others, fans from different fanbases and all. My favorite thing about that interaction is being able to share laughs, news, photos, and just have someone to talk to who likes the same team you do. My least favorite part are the ones who take their teams loss out all over social media (Twitter/Facebook). No team is bound to win every single game in their season. There are going to be losses, sometimes excruciatingly painful ones to watch, but there’s no need to take your anger out on everyone else. No team is perfect. Losing is a part of sports.

Is there anything else you want to share on your thoughts on hockey?
Hockey has changed my life so much, even with the short time that I’ve been watching it. I’ve made many friends, got to watch future NHL’ers grow their skills, and travel to different places, all because of this sport. The world of hockey has seen moments of defeat, tragedy, happiness, and every emotion in between. I cannot wait to see what this sport has to offer to the rest of the world, all the way from junior hockey to the Olympics.


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