Mid-Day Snack: On Blogging, Twitter, & Narratives (with bonus Fancy Stats Talk)

I saw the hashtag #notAllCanucksFans last night and laughed. I laughed right up until I started using it, because I’m tired of the narrative.

Today’s rant brought to you mostly by the “debate” (I use that word loosely) that occurred between Canadiens & Canucks bloggers last night. However, as I started writing, I realized that more and more the following are happening in Hockey Twitter. As I’m on the outside looking in a lot, I have an opinion that may differ from most.

Stop buying into and using the stereotypes. 

Not all of one team’s fans are one way. It’s insulting to the rest of us – no matter what team you cheer for. I don’t care if one or two or a handful act one way – just because they’re the loudest doesn’t mean the rest of us are that certain way. Don’t assume we are. It’s doing us – and you – a disservice.

Stop Writing/Tweeting to the Narrative You Want

Awhile ago bloggers criticized mainstream media constantly for this exact thing. Guess what? You (generalized) have now started doing this as well. Whether it’s over a game like the Canucks-Canadiens one last night or over a player like Alex Burrows, you are being biased. Something I admired about the blogging world as compared to most of the MSM is that they always showed both sides, even if – sometimes especially if – all the facts added together proved their theory wrong.

Having Different Opinions is OKAY!!!

Part of what makes Hockey Twitter fun – at least for me – is that sometimes someone has a different opinion than me! I MAY LEARN SOMETHING. My eyes might be open to a new way of thinking! What a concept! I know, I know. New things are scary and dangerous, but please. Whether it’s learning that player X didn’t do the thing you think they did or that fancy stats really aren’t all that fancy and are mostly counting, it’s how they’re applied that gets scary OR that it’s okay to NOT use stats and just watch the game…. all of this is fine.


With that, Happy Halloween. Enjoy your day. Afternoon Bite will be up shortly.


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