Afternoon Bite: October 8


Screen shot 2014-10-08 at 11.35.32 AM

What I’m Watching:

Everything. All of it. I’ll be channel flipping like a pro. Everything should be nicely staggered when you add in the banner raising in LA (which, hahaha, I don’t care about that).

Player(s) to Watch:

Mason Raymond (Flames) has the opportunity to score his 100th career goal against the Canucks – the team that drafted him.

At  time of writing, the goalie controversy lives on in Vancouver, as NHL dot com doesn’t have an idea of who’s starting in net– I am #TeamLack, of course.Screen shot 2014-10-08 at 12.00.08 PM

Look for Antti Niemi to spoil the Kings banner raising. After last year’s playoffs, a little revenge tonight would be nice.

Most Recent Roster Moves:

Ducks ◊ Coyotes ◊ Bruins ◊ Sabres ◊ Flames ◊ Hurricanes ◊ Blackhawks ◊ Avalanche ◊
Blue Jackets ◊ Stars ◊ Red Wings ◊ Oilers ◊ Panthers ◊ Kings ◊ Wild ◊ Canadiens ◊
Predators ◊ Devils ◊ Islanders ◊ Rangers ◊ Senators ◊ Flyers ◊ Penguins ◊ Sharks ◊
Blues ◊ Lightning ◊ Maple Leafs ◊ Canucks ◊ Capitals ◊ Jets


Morning Mix


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