Morning Mix: October 7

One more sleep until NHL regular season hockey! A short and sweet post before all the crazy happens at 9PT/12ET as teams finalize. I’ll have all those updates tonight, including the most recent roster for each team linked at the bottom!

Things You Might Have Missed:

  • Puck Daddy hires Jen (@RegressedPDO) and Josh (@JoshuaCooper) which is brilliant and amazing. Good job.
  • Chantel McCabe (Hurricanes’ Reporter) has been suspended from team interactions until the end of the month as a result of a driving while impaired charge.
  • Exactly how close was Seattle to getting an NHL team last year? Really close.
  • Brandon Dubinsky (Blue Jackets) is not practicing today.
  • Kevin Hayes (Rangers) took  part in practice wearing yellow non contact jersey.
  • Matt Carkner (upper body) & Lubomir Visnovsky (upper body) have been placed on IR (Islanders).

Most Recent Roster Moves:

Ducks ◊ Coyotes ◊ Bruins ◊ Sabres ◊ Flames ◊ Hurricanes ◊ Blackhawks ◊ Avalanche ◊
Blue Jackets ◊ Stars ◊ Red Wings ◊ Oilers ◊ Panthers ◊ Kings ◊ Wild ◊ Canadiens ◊
Predators ◊ Devils ◊ Islanders ◊ Rangers ◊ Senators ◊ Flyers ◊ Penguins ◊ Sharks ◊
Blues ◊ Lightning ◊ Maple Leafs ◊ Canucks ◊ Capitals ◊ Jets


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