Afternoon Bite, September 29

As it happened right after I posted the Morning Mix, ICYMI David Booth will be out 4+weeks after breaking his foot. I should have started a betting pool, I could have been rich!



What I’m Watching:

Arizona at Vancouver for sure.

Player(s) to Watch:

Roman Josi, Ryan Ellis, Filip Forsberg, and Kevin Fiala for the Preds. Forsberg and Fiala are striving to stay with the NHL and will be trying to shine, I would assume. Roman Josi is always fun to watch, and this will be Ryan Ellis’s first game since his contract signing.

Jordan Schroeder will be making his home debut with the Wild, so keep an him. He’s great.

Most Recent Roster Moves:

Ducks ◊ Coyotes ◊ Bruins ◊ Sabres ◊ Flames ◊ Hurricanes ◊ Blackhawks ◊ Avalanche ◊ Blue Jackets ◊ Stars ◊ Red Wings ◊ Oilers ◊ Panthers ◊ Kings ◊ Wild ◊ Canadiens ◊ Predators ◊ Devils ◊ Islanders ◊ Rangers ◊ Senators ◊ Flyers ◊ Penguins ◊ Sharks ◊ Blues ◊ Lightning ◊ Maple Leafs ◊ Canucks ◊ Capitals ◊ Jets


Morning Mix


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