Nightcap: September 25 (with bonus Ryan Kesler opinion)

Ashley’s Ramblings:

Look, Vancouver, I get it. Ryan Kesler leaving sucks. It’s a scorned ex-lover type feeling, especially apparently for certain members of the Vancouver media (who allegedly Kesler never got along with to start with.)

I don’t blame you. Hate him if you want to. Compare him to the Ryan Suter and Nashville situation if you want to. But…

Don’t forget the good times. Don’t let the now overshadow the past. While he may be “the enemy” in your eyes now, he was once ours – and we are all Canucks.

Tonight’s Scores:


Things You Might Have Missed:

  • The Canucks played blind dodgeball – and there’s video!
  • Ryan Ellis signed a contract with the Nashville Predators for 5 years $2.5AAV
  • Jordan Staal (Hurricanes) will have injury on broken leg and miss 3-4 months.
  • Dale Weise (Canadiens) has a neck injury.
  • Goalie controversy in Vancouver – Eddie Lack is shining bright.
  • Hunter Shinkaruk (Canucks) is averaging a goal a game in the pre-season.
  • In his first pre-season game, Ryan Kesler wore an A for the Ducks.



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