Afternoon Bite, September 23

Gotta love the ability to schedule posts – got this ready last night because I knew I was going to be on the road right now.



What I’m Watching:

Provided I’m home in time, Vancouver and San Jose – both games. I also am desperate to catch a bit of Nashville at Tampa, just because I know Nashville’s D is going to be crazy. Also, I will be checking the Arizona-Anaheim game to see if Kesler’s there.

Player(s) to Watch:

Filip Forsberg, Derek Roy, and James Neal. Forsberg’s going to be trying to prove that he’s read for the big club, Roy and Neal will be feeling out a new team. Could make for some interesting moments. I know Roy, Colin Wilson, and Craig Smith have been practicing together, so it stands to reason that they’ll be rolling as line.

Ryan Kesler. Since he was held out of last night’s games, I have to figure that he’ll be playing versus Arizona.


Morning Mix


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