September 21: Nightcap

Pre-season day one is in the books! It’s awesome to have hockey back. I caught a few moments of the Flames-Oilers at… I have no idea where it was. The one where the Flames won 1-0! That one.


Things You Might Have Missed:

  • In Calgary at Edmonton, Gregory Chase received a 10 Minute Misconduct.
  • In Edmonton at Calgary, the Oilers were apparently a little unruly, tallying 10 of the 12 penalty minutes issued.
  • The St Louis at Columbus game was not only goals for everyone! But penalties for everyone, including fighting majors for Maxim Lapierre and Jack Johnson (?!!!)
  • There is ANOTHER Weber that plays defense. Columbus has a Will Weber. Are Webers allowed to play a position that’s not defense?

Did anything in particular stand out to you today? Hit me up here, on Twitter at @ashonice, or shoot me an email (

Also, per Daniel Briere’s twitter account, his son Caelan will be having surgery in the morning from a bad hit today. So keep them in your thoughts.



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