Always Treat a Woman Like a Lady.


This was posted by Floyd Mayweather on his Twitter account on June 13, 2014. Provided he doesn’t delete it from the backlash, you can view it here. And in case he does delete it:


Where do I even want to start? How about that very first sentence.

How a female dresses is her advertisement.” NO. No, it bloody well is not. How a female dresses is how a female dresses, dependent upon a million different things. Personally, it might depend on my mood, the weather, what I’m doing that day, or simply that I liked the color of the shirt so I put it on.

If a female shows half of her body, she’s asking to be disrespected.” Stop. Back up. NO. Women are never asking to be disrespected. Ever. I don’t go around saying, “Hi, excuse me, please disrespect me today, I’m really in the mood for it”. To me, this statement falls along the same lines as “She was half-naked, so it’s her fault I raped her.” “She was half-naked, so it’s her fault I treated her like scum.” It’s victim shaming and blaming. Stop. Just stop.

If she dresses classy, expect to be treated like a lady.” Pro-tip: ALWAYS treat women like ladies. Always. No exceptions. Ever.

How you’re addressed lies on your attire.” Sure. I’ll agree with this, dependent on the situation. Going in for an interview, you’re more likely to be taken seriously if you’re in business wear than if you show up wearing sweats and not showered. And it’s a sad truth, but unfortunately women are degraded every day based upon how they dressed. It’s why statements like this by public figures frustrate me so much. We should be striving to eradicate this sentiment.

Sexy is a spirit, not an outfit.” I’ll agree with this, too. However, in my opinion, this sentence completely contradicts the feelings put forth in Mayweather’s paragraph above it.


Don’t disrespect women. Ever. Based on anything.


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