An Open Letter to Canucks Mgmt.

John Tortorella, Mike Gillis, Rollie Melanson, and company.

How does it feel to go from having the fanbase support you – to having #FreeTorts everywhere – to being loathed, questioned, and losing the fanbase’s trust that you’ll make the right decision?

Because congratulations. You did it. You managed to accomplish what Alain Vigneault never did throughout the entire Schneider/Luongo debacle. You managed to completely screw up.

Don’t get me wrong, Eddie Lack is an amazing goaltender and I feel he still has the fanbase’s support. The Heritage Classic debacle isn’t his fault. What was he suppose to say, when he was told to start? No? Yeah, I don’t see that happening.

You had a chance to fix the mistakes you made with Robert Luongo and you failed. You created drama where there didn’t need to be any. Furthermore, you went out and blasted the person who should be your starting goaltender – calling him inconsistent on the air.  Yes, the guy who had a shutout in the Olympics is inconsistent. Sure.

Way to destroy both of your goaltenders in one game, Canucks.  Kudos on that. I seriously hope you have learned after this, but from the post-game comments and the fact that this is the second time you’ve had two amazing goaltenders in the organization and have completely mismanaged them is pretty amazing. Does management thrive on having controversy and Roberto Luongo’s sad face?

Those boos – and Luuuus – from the Heritage Classic weren’t for Eddie Lack, and I hope he recognizes that. They were for management. The ones that put Eddie and Lu in that position. The ones that I hope are soon fired.

There needs to be a serious house-cleaning, from top to bottom, in the Canucks’ staff. Too many things have gone off the rails and it’s definitely not the players’ faults. The blame needs to fall squarely on the decision-maker’s shoulders.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to support the players – while hoping that they’re all traded elsewhere so as not to have to deal with these shenanigans.




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