30 in 30: Day 30!!!: Nashville Predators & Vancouver Canucks

First, I have to apologize for slacking the last two teams. I’ve had the head cold from hell – or maybe from Winnipeg, that appears to be hell. Plus, really, my top two teams are pretty interchangeable. I would be here all day if I had to choose just one favorite between the two. Or hell, choose between just the Preds: Colin Wilson or Roman Josi or Carter Hutton or Marek Mazanec or Seth Jones or Filip Forsberg or Rich Clune ororor, so many choices. Or just the Canucks: Eddie Lack or Jordan Schroeder or Kevin Bieksa or Chris Tanev or Mason Raymond or Ryan Kesler or… you get the picture, I’m sure.

Starting with Nashville, the guy that seduced me over to the Preds last year should probably take the first position. While not my absolute favorite hockey player ever (please see Mason Raymond), he’s definitely up high on he list (I will never do a list because too many options. But so

Nashville Predators: Colin Wilson

CWilson. Let me objectify you on a daily basis. [Source: the-destroia]

That stare. [Source: courtneydagger50]

TONGUE. [Source: the-destroia]

MOAR TONGUE. [Source: rocktheredblueandgold]

Vancouver Canucks: Jordan Schroeder

He is a brat and I adore him dearly for it. [Source: jordanschroeders]

He’s also kind of okay at hockey. [Source: jordanschroeders]

I am not totally distracted by this. [Source: jordanschroeders]

But back to that whole being a brat thing… Also the internet is forever and you cannot delete things before I screencap them, child. Good try though. [Source: my twitter]

Nashville Predators: Carter Hutton

Carter Hutton Amazing Save Dot Gif is a thing. He pulls out these highlight reel saves about every other game, but in between those saves are these crazy MISSES that he should have made, but I love him any ways. [Source: buzzfeedsports]

He fits really, really well in Nashville. When Pekka comes back, it’s going to be an amazing duo to watch. [Source: uptheboards]

Also, he’s friend with Eddie Lack which makes him a good guy in my book! [Source: nhlhcky]

Vancouver Canucks: Kevin Bieksa

He looks like he gives really good celebratory hugs. [Source: jordanschroeders]

HE CAN WIN FACEOFFS LIKE WHOA. [Source: textsfromlastperiod]

I don’t even know, I just needed to include this picture. [Source: sedintwins]

Sometimes he eats tape? He was hungry during the game. IDK here either. [Source: s-piznarski]

Nashville Predators: Roman Josi

Roman Josi: Real Male Model. [Source: queenofthesmalltownrumor]

Shorts and flip flops and a backwards hat, but I’m still paying attention. [Source: ladernierefille]

His eyeeeeeeeees. I could look into them forever. [Source: nhlhotties]

Go Preds! [Source: orpikjam44]

Last, but certainly not least

Vancouver Canucks: Eddie Lack

Your argument is invalid. [Source: glovehand]

I love his smiiiiiile. Omg. [Source: flawlessswedes]

Eddie Lack victory dance is adorable. [Source: bieksler]

His eyes are lovely. And his hair. And just yes. [Source: gauncer]

And so concludes our journey. I hope you’ve had just as much fun a I have. You can find me on Twitter @ashonice or here, as always.

Images from tumblr and credited accordingly.


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