30 in 30: Day 28: Edmonton Oilers

Despite the loss that the Oilers gave the Canucks last night and the Preds the night before, they still rank in my top three. Quite a distance behind my top two, but definitely top three.

Choosing a favorite player from them is nearly as difficult as it was for the Flyers. I have the same problem with the Predators and Canucks though… which probably explains why they’re my favorites, right? Any hoos… In no particular order this time:

Taylor Hall/Jordan Eberle/Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

Oh boys. I believe the original source for this one is one of their twitters, to be honest. I just have it saved in a file [Source: ??]

No words necessary for this or the following .gif, I’m pretty sure…

Boys, put away your tongues unless you’re intending to use them [Source (of both .gifs): glovehand]

Doing that hockey thing well, I see. [Source: nhl-hits-goals-saves]

Puck goes in the net, Hallsy. Not you on top of it. [Source: glovehand]

… I’m okay. That thud you heard was just me falling out of my chair. Nothing to see here. [Source: jordaneberle14]

… Right, I’ll just stay down here then. The floor’s comfortable after all [Source: nhlhotties]

Oh come on. That’s not even fair. [Source: hockeycrazy52]

That suit. Yum. [Source: officialblackhawks]

Images from tumblr and credited accordingly.

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