30 in 30: Day 27: Philadelphia Flyers

Better late than never, right? Mondays, man.

Any ways, the Flyers have stolen my heart pretty effectively. So much so that I have not one, not two, but three honorable mentions coming up after my favorite. And really, they’re all pretty interchangeable on the favorites list, to be quite honest. Though, I suppose this guy edges them out just slightly…

Brayden Schenn

Braaaay. [Source: misharoux]

You might have been saying something but hipbones. [Source: boybands-and-hockey]

I objectify him and I hear he’s half-way decent at this hockey thing. Your point? [Source: howmanyrings]

Schenns are brothers… which segues nicely into my honorable mentions… [Source: macdrouins]

Honorable Mention #1: Luke Schenn

Right, okay. [Source: whoaxitsxamanda]

Really, you should just go check out mish’s Luke Schenn tag [Source: misharoux]

Honorable Mention #2: Matt Read

Arm. Porn. Done. [Source: moonsaults]

And lastly – Honorable Mention #3 – Steve Mason

Yeah, I basically just wanted an excuse to use that .gif [Source: beautyandthekush]

Images from tumblr and credited accordingly.


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