30 in 30: Day 26: Montreal Canadiens

Soooo, yep. I’m a Habs fan. They’ve wooed me to their ways – or maybe it’s because I have a few friends that are Habs fans. Also, yes this is late as all get out, but I’ve been sick. 😦

I had a lot of trouble deciding on my faves. Really, I had problems with the last few days, because I love so many players on my top 5 teams. But who wants a picspam of every player on them? (Well, no I’m sure we do, but I don’t have the energy for that. So, I narrowed it down.

Fave player on the Habs…

PK Subban

I hear he’s kind of good at this thing called hockey. [Source: glacines]

And a good person, what? [Source: olympicanada]

There is so much going on in this picture I don’t even know where to start, I’ll just enjoy it. [Source: faceoffs]

Fantastic smile. [Source: glovehand]

And together they give me such glee. [Source: redshirtwalking]

So, like I said above, you could basically insert the entire lineup of the Habs and they could all be my honorable mention, especially Carey Price. But, the other one I have the largest soft spot for…

Honorable Mention: Alex Galchenyuk

How can you not adore that face? [Source: pricernellkarl]

He’s precious. And the entire gifset is adorable. I recommend you go watch it. [Source: jttoews]

I can’t help but sit and giggle at this. So adorbs. [Source: jbenns]

Images from tumblr and credited accordingly.


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