30 in 30: Day 25: Chicago Blackhawks

I’m tired and migraine-y, so just imagine I wrote a cute little intro here. We’re all really here for the pictures any ways:

Patrick Kane

Hey there, Patrick Kane. I hear you’re pretty good at this thing called hockey. And you don’t look too bad in a suit. [Source: bergenhockey]

Right okay. Presented without comment. [Source: dallas41chicago88]

Like I said above. Good at this thing we call hockey. [Source: maybeordinary]

No idea who gif’ed, but it’s from that commercial he did. JFC it’s amazing. And mesmerizing.

Buuuut, at least 20% of the reason I enjoy PKane so much is his bromance with JToews. So…

Honorable Mention: Jonathan Toews

Pretty adorable, boys. [Source: joetoews]

With a puppy! How cute is that? [Source: icedkaner]

Images credited via tumblr. Let me know if there’s an issue.


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