30 in 30: Day 24: Carolina Hurricanes

Y’all don’t know how tempted I was to fuss with the scheduling just so I could go ahead and do the Preds before they make any more trades. STOP IT PREDS, I NEED MY PEOPLES TO STAY WHERE THEY ARE.

Any whoos, I adore the Canes something fierce. They might not be the best hockey team around, but they’re very entertaining. Also, did you know that Staals are brothers? BREAKING NEWS, I know.

And as such, you would think a Staal would be my favorite, wouldn’t you? But alas, no. Even though the odds are with them, my fave belongs to another….

Manny Malhotra

You had to see that coming. Former Canucks player, great story. You betcha he’s my favorite. [Source: jordaneberle14]

He worked his ass off to get back after his eye injury.

He was loved (and is missed) here. [Source: rawrzuhlind (Pretty sure this is a Jeff Vinnik Behind the Lens, to be honest]

Adorable with children. [fuckyeahnhlguysandcutekids]

I repeat, adorable with children. [Source: lovelaughxo]

Pretty damn good at that hockey thing.

Honorable Mention: Jeff Skinner

Still not a Staal but twice as adorable. [Source: staalskinner]

Check out that smile. It’s ridiculous. [Source: worlldruler]

Someone check his ID. He can’t be old enough to play in the NHL, he looks 12. [Source: hockeyisall]

Images from tumblr and credited accordingly. Let me know if there’s an issue.


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