30 in 30: Day 23: Columbus Blue Jackets

Okay. #Lumbus you’re up. Half the reason they rank so high is their twitter accounts, I’m perfectly serious. Whoever’s on their social media team is a genius. I mean. They’re no Derek Jory, but they’re dang good.

Going through the team I have lots of choices of my favorite. I mean, Bobrovsky should be the obvious choice. But then. Then there’s this kid that has stolen my heart…

Ryan Murray

Child, stop. [Source: kyleekhaos34]

I repeat. Stop. [Source: kyleekhaos34]

This child. Adorable. [Source: nhlhotties]

He can do that hockey thing pretty well, too. [Source: brendansgallagher]

He’s 20. He also played in Washington for the Silvertips which makes my heart happy. [Source: bluejackets instagram]

Honey child, what’s going on with that hair? Let me fix that for you. [Source: kyleekhaos34]

Ah. That’s what’s going on with your hair. [Source: elqiao]

Images from tumblr and instagram. Talk to me if there’s a crediting problem.


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