Quick Opinion: TRADE: Klein & MDZ

You’ve all been here long enough to realize Nashville holds the seconds place in my heart, right behind Vancouver, right? And that on some occasions they surpass my love for the Canucks and make me flail like a flailing thing.

Today was a flail day. Kevin Klein for Michael Del Zotto. After my initial gut reaction of “Noooooooooooo!!! KLEIN!” I started actually really liking this trade. Klein is a good fit in Nashville, but he’ll work well under AV and the Rangers. New York, take good care of him, okay? He’s kind of awesome.

He’s a calm presence on the ice that isn’t afraid to step up when things are getting out of hand and say “Enough.” He’s going to fit in well with AV… He actually reminds me a little of Kevin Bieksa, but that might just be me.

Michael Del Zotto on the Preds. That’s… something. I’m excited. Weber, Josi, Jones, Del Zotto as a top four. Klein fit well, but this fits better at least on paper. Whether they mesh on the ice… (Weber/Josi, DZ/Jones? Or Weber/Jones, DZ/Josi *pauses* MDZ-Josi. Please. Thanks.)

And with Ekholm/Ellis rounding out the bottom? And there’s Bartley…

So basically. The Preds are in good shape on defense (um, always.) The Rangers are getting a good player. I need to see it in action and not just on paper, but I think all around it’s a win.


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