30 in 30: Day 22: Colorado Avalanche

If you’ve been following along on my Twitter the last year, you’ll remember that I’ve jokingly said I would kidnap this dude on one of my trips to Nashville that passes through Denver. And even when my flight got delayed and then re-routed through LAX, the Avs just happened to be playing the Kings. Obviously the stars are aligning to tell me something. (Probably to stop flying with that airline, but whatevs.)

But so if you’ve been paying attention, you’ll already know that my fave Avs player is…

Gabriel Landeskog

Hello there, Captain Gorgeous. [Source: freya0209]

He appears to be a giant dork, which I think is awesome. We should all embrace our inner dorks [Source: joetoews]

All hockey players should be required to hold a baby and have a picture taken with it, okay? [Source: hcockey]

And pose shirtless. That should be more of a thing, guys. [Source: nhlhotties]

Also, he does the hockey thing pretty well too.

All images from tumblr, blah blah. Let me know if there’s a crediting issue.


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