30 in 30: Day 21: Pittsburgh Penguins

So yes, this spot belongs to the Pens. Side eye me all you want, but I rather enjoy them. The team can play some amazing hockey. Whatevs. Judge me if you want, but they definitely made my top ten teams.

But, in particular they signed one of the former Vancouver Canucks and you know my soft spot for those people (if you haven’t caught on, it’s a mile wide.) Sometimes I think people forget that he’s over there now, doing his thing. That’s right, I’m talking about…

Andrew Ebbett


Him and Chris Higgins. Making beards look good. [Source: pensfan4lfe]

Legs, the little bit of skin showing where his shirt’s creeping up, the concentration. I am here for this picture [Source: vncvrcncks]


Looks better in a Canucks uniform, sorry not sorry. [Source: martybrodeur]

I entirely forgot this picture was in the line up, I SWEAR. PROMISE. [Source: rawrzuhlind]

Miss you dude. [Source: vncvrcncks]

And just so I’m not playing favorites with “former Canucks” and taking the easy option out…

Honorable Mention: Beau Bennett

I would kiss his cheek too. [Source: nhlhotties]

Yeah, okay, I mostly wanted an excuse to post this picture /shameless. You’re welcome! [Source: swedishgirl87]

Your argument is invalid. (The rest of the gifset is well worth a look, but that’s my favorite.) [Source: jttoews]


As always, images from tumblr and credited accordingly, blah blah blah. Lemme know if something’s wrong and will edit/remove as necessary.


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