30 in 30: Day 20: Toronto Maple Leafs

Soooo, I could go on for hours about my favorite player here. Mostly because he’s also my favorite player in the entire NHL.

Let’s bring this back to a couple of years ago, before I even understood the full game of hockey. A friend told me this story of a guy who had been severely injured in a hockey game and was fighting to come back into the game. I was intrigued because broken backs = D: So, I read up on him. And then I started watching hockey games, much to the delight of my best friend.

I fell in love twice over. Once with the sport itself and once with…

Mason Raymond (Vancouver Canucks, GDI, I hate you all)


Story behind this picture. It’s from Nashville in April 2013. Taken by me. There was waving directly after. I miss him on the Canucks.

He’s a pretty damn good hockey player too. Underrated. Also, we probably could have used him Saturday night against the Flames, don’t you think? Hattricks for MayRay. [Source: ??? I had this saved in my favorites, if it’s yours, let me know]

Bromances. He had such good chemistry and friendships on the team. UGH MY HEART YOU GUYS. [Source: bieksas]

Mason Raymond. Good Dad. [Source: kane]

No, those aren’t tears. My contact just dried out. #brokenbromances [Source: deschneid]

He’s a lover, not a fighter. [Source: howthemoonshines]

Just break my heart all over again, MayRay. It’s okay, I’ll be fine. *sniff* [Source: markusnaslund]

It’s okay, I didn’t need my ovaries. Or my heart. [Source: officialblackhawks]

We have a lot of fond memories of you too, Mase. [Source: markusnaslund]

Even Dale Weise is embarrassed by whatever they’re saying. “Guys, I’m just trying to drink my drink, Jason Garrison, put your tongue back in your mouth.” [Source: juicepls]

You dance divinely. [Source: codyhodgson-9]

Nope. Nothing to see here. [Source: burrayeska]

I have like a million more but my heart is being torn to pieces looking at them. I’m sure you get the picture. Mason Raymond is my favorite ever and I’m unapologetic about it. xoxo

All images from tumblr. Please let me know if I have credited accordingly and/or you would like your image removed.


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