Quick Opinion: Flames @ Canucks

I have better things to concentrate on today tomorrow’s 30 in 30 post and SEAHAWKS. but I need to get this out here.

In my opinion, fighting does have its place in hockey. I can see where Torts was going with last night, “we’re not going to be pushed around” type attitude, protect the stars, etc. I appreciate that. HOWEVER. I think I would have been much more satisfied if he had chosen to reunite the American Express line (Higgins, Kesler, Booth) with Garrison and Bieksa. Win the faceoff and score, you idiots. A 9-1 a la Anaheim would have been a much better taste this morning, wouldn’t it?

I’ve seen in more than one place on Twitter this morning ‘the Canucks are  bad hockey team.’ No. No they’re not. We are however still experiencing some growing pains under Torts. We also were without a few key pieces – and still are now.

I love that our boys were sticking up for each other. I hate that Lain only saw 2 seconds of his first NHL game and Torts, you better play him against Edmonton to make up for that.

But I don’t want the team I saw last night. The team is better than that. I still have faith in them and I hope you all do too.


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