30 in 30: Day 18: Tampa Bay Lightning

Okay, I lied a little yesterday. I actually have strong feelings for the Lightning, mostly because I’m being brainwashed by one of my friends. (This is how most hockey teams grow on me, by the way. So if you want me to like your team, become my friend. The only exception is probably the Sharks & Wild. I will never, ever like them. Not ever.)

The Lightning, as a whole, are kiiiind of amazing to me. But as I do most teams, I covet their goalies. In particularly…

Ben Bishop.

No one minds if I climb him like a tree, right? Holy shit, everything about this picture is doing things for me. The suit, the smile, the hair, the scruff. Unf. #bishplz indeed [Source: imjustanerdygirl]

Mish’s Ben Bishop tag basically gives me life. I highly urge you to go visit it. [Source: misharoux]

I don’t know what it is about this picture, but I feel like he needs a hug. I am willing sacrifice for the cause. [Source: lethaltox1n]

I really really love his smile, you guys. Also his profile. [Source: dallas41chicago88]

Oh yeah, he’s a pretty good goaltender too. [Source: sportstalkflorida]

I mean. If you’re into competency and that type of stuff. But I’m not. At all. *hand wave* [Source: sportstalkflorida]

In conclusion: I love Bishop a lot. But I also enjoy the whole team. Soooo.

Honorable Mention: Tyler Johnson

Sorry, Mish, I’m coveting him from afar. (Really far, as I’m in Washington.) [Source: misharoux]

All images credited from sources on tumblr. Please let me know if the source is wrong or you require me to remove the image from here.


2 thoughts on “30 in 30: Day 18: Tampa Bay Lightning

    1. Hee, how were you ever able to guess? 😛

      SO ADORABLE. If I didn’t have my hands full with the Canucks and Preds rookies, I’d be figuring out some way to kidnap him.

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