30 in 30: Day 17: Washington Capitals

Over halfway through the month – and the teams. I hope you all are having as much fun as I have with this.

We’ve kind of entered a zone where I don’t have any real strong feelings about teams – or their players. Today, tomorrow, and Saturday… yeah, I don’t know how comment-y I’ll be. Just enjoy pictures? 😀 So favorite Caps player is…

Brooks Laich

Can you blame me? No, I thought not. [Source: nhlhotties]

That smile. [Source: madeinkariya]

The blurb from the source really says it all “There’s so much going on here. Brooks has hair. Brooks is wearing flared jeans. Ovi has his tooth. The cluster of confused children in the background. SHAMO. Shamo trying to… flee the scene. I don’t even know.” [Source: thornescratch]

Look how well he wears a suit! [Source: ilovemesomehockey]

Look how well he wears a pair of jeans! Dat ass. [Source: runnerriley]

Um. Tongue. Concentration. Tongue. [Source: alzner]

Arms. Arms arms arms arms. [Source: savesthedaynj].

Also, a friend just linked me to this about him changing a tire after Game 7.  I love finding genuinely good people.

All images credited from sources on tumblr. Please let me know if the source is wrong or you require me to remove the image from here.


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