30 in 30: Day 15: St. Louis Blues

Sooo. It’s not that I like the Blues a ton. It’s just that some of my favorite players signed there during free agency. I have jokingly said that I’ll probably fall in love with Oshie during the Olympics (if I do, please institutionalize me immediately. I don’t care that he’s from Washington originally. In fact, that probably makes it worse.)

But! Despite that! And despite that they beat the Preds in October at the only game I’ve managed to get to this season… They somehow ended up in 15th place. Very apt, in my mind, considering that was the number my favorite wore when he was with the Canucks. That’s right, my favorite player is…

Derek Roy

He’s so tiny compared to everyone else on the ice at times. There was a comment when he was on the Canucks about how he and Jordan Schroeder brought down the average height of the Canucks by a good 4″. [Source: releasethecracknell]

He’s provided some very amusing moments…

Looks really good shirtless. Really good. [Source: rawrzuhlind]

Does hockey well. (True fact: This was my very first NHL game back in April 2013, Canucks-Preds, in Nashville.  This was also his first goal as a Canuck. Coincidence? … Probably, but lol) [Source: jordanschroeders]

There actually is an explanation and a story – I’ll let you go look at the source though. [Source: bieksler]



I miss Derek Roy, seriously. I bet Higgins does too. [Source: rawrzuhlind]

Let’s be real though. I’m just here for how freaking adorable he is. [Source: rawrzuhlind]

Honorable Mention: Maxim Lapierre

I have to give a shoutout to the other guy that signed with the Blues from Vancouver. I don’t think anyone will argue that his presence hasn’t been missed in the Canucks’ bottom six this season. [Source: nhlhcky]

All images credited from sources on tumblr. Please let me know if the source is wrong or you require me to remove the image from here.


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