30 in 30: Day 14: New York Rangers?

So I put the Rangers on Day 14 and I don’t know why, as I quite enjoy them. They’re one of my closest friend’s favorite teams and I like 90% of the players. But I’m too drunk, I hate the Kings. Hate.… tired to change it now, so they’ll just be here.

Favorite player is hard, because there’s so many to choose from. Which is why there’s no honorable mention either – I’d be putting the whole team in. So, if I have to make a choice…

Marc Staal

The other Staal brother. I have a serious soft spot for him. I don’t know if it’s because he’s not in Carolina (seriously, Carolina. You had one job yesterday. Yes I mean the Panthers and not the Canes, but still.), but I like him. [Source: courtneydagger50]

No one minds if I climb him like a tree, right? I didn’t think so. [Source: morinlovewithpirri]

Good advice, even if it is scripted. Men, take notes. [Source: martybiron]

Bendy. Niiiice. [Source: fuckyeahhockeybamfs]

So much love on that team. Adorbs. [Source: carverhawke]

The quote, the hair, the ginger scruff, the smile… I am here for everything going on in this gif. [Source: martybiron]

All images credited from sources on tumblr. Please let me know if the source is wrong or you require me to remove the image from here.


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