30 in 30: Day 12: New York Islanders

I’d love to like the Islanders. LOVE to. But there’s something holding me back. I have no idea what it is. So, instead, I’ll just covet their Captain.

John Tavares

Well hello there. Such intensity in just one look. [Source: wintermonthnovely]

That hair certainly leads one to think of other things he could get messy hair from, doesn’t it? [Source: ambitiouspants]

Puppy Eyes of Doom are just not playing fair. I want to bake you cookies and make your bad day better Make you smile like this…

[Source: philkess]

You can come to my sin bin any time you like. [Source: ambitiouspants]

…. Yeah I have nothing to say here. Just admire him. [Source: nhlhotties]

Oh yeah. And I guess he’s pretty good at that hockey thing, too. [Source: philkess]

All images credited from sources on tumblr. Please let me know if the source is wrong or you require me to remove the image from here.


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