30 in 30: Day 11: Detroit Red Wings

I’ll admit it, if I re-did the entire list, the Red Wings would probably be higher than what they are right now. But I’m not in the mood to reconfigure everything. I honestly didn’t know how much I enjoyed them until I watched 24/7. Congratulations, NHL and HBO, you did your job well. I now have a soft spot for the Wings and an even larger soft spot for the Leafs.

My favorite to come out of 24/7 was definitely this guy though:

Brendan Smith

“I grew up in Toronto. I fell in love with the college route. I loved Wisconsin and decided to venture over there. I’ve created some of my best friendships from college and I had a blast there. I stayed for three years. I left a year early because I thought I was ready for the pros. It was a great decision for me.” [Source: copperbooom]

You’re a hazard. [Source: copperbooom]

Bromances for the win. Boom. [Source: so-hockey-eh]

I can’t even with this picture. Take your face-full-of-snow elsewhere. [Source: wintermonthnovelty]



Stop. [Source for last 3: kronwall3d]

Images credited from sources on tumblr. Please let me know if the source is wrong or you require me to remove the image from here.


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