30 in 30: Day 7: Florida Panthers

The Canucks farm team, the Florida Pan- wait, they’re not the Canucks farm team? But Roberto Luongo, Chris Higgins, David Booth, Jason Garrison, Michael Santorelli… Welp, if you say so.

Fave Panther who is actually on the Panthers and wasn’t gifted to the Canucks… and, for funsies, wasn’t on the Canucks…

Jimmy Hayes

Okay, I’ll be honest. Most of what I know about Hayes comes from when he was on the Blackhawks. I don’t care, this is my favorite list, not your favorite list, and I do what I want. [Source: courtneydagger50]

He looks like a giant dork that I would get along with well, okay? Also, according to the tumblr that I found that picture on, his spirit animal is a dolphin, which is also my mom’s favorite animal, so he gets a gold star. [Source: subtlelikeseabrook]

There is just something very appealing about this picture to me. Profile views for the win, I guess? [Source: amandaplease28]

Ummm. Yep. Leaving this here without comment. CHEST HAIR. [Source: hockeyplayerswithpets]

All images credited from sources on tumblr. Please let me know if the source is wrong or you require me to remove the image from here.


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