30 in 30: Day 4: Calgary Flames

Oh, Calgary Flames. The best part about you is that Mason Raymond recorded a hat trick against you back in 2009. And then again in 2010.

And we all know how much I love MayRay – wait, I’m suppose to be talking about my favorite player from the Flames, aren’t I? Whoops. Moving on…

Much like other teams that I have no cares about, my favorite player from the Flames caught my eye when he was on a completely different team. In this case, former Edmonton Oiler…

Ladislav Šmíd

I…. actually don’t know much about you, rather than you were the lesser of a bunch of evils. I apologize.

He’s kind of adorable in his celebration after scoring a goal. All boys should party to themselves on the bench, yes? [Source: miikkasakari]

They look like they’re having a Serious Disscussion here. [Source: ilovemesomehockey]

He has a pretty adorable smile 🙂 [Source: pensfan4lfe]

He looked better in blue, white, and orange. Silly Oilers 😦 [Source: thiscemetery-weather]

All images credited from sources on tumblr. Please let me know if the source is wrong or you require me to remove the image from here.

2 thoughts on “30 in 30: Day 4: Calgary Flames

  1. The Oilers traded him like the day after they were here and I was DEVASTATED over it. Ugh. Like, I had taken all these pictures of him and was excited and didn’t use ANY of them because he got traded to the gross Flames. Ew.

    Come back Smiiidddd

    1. He is sooooooo adorable and the only silver lining is now I don’t detest the entire Calgary Flames lineup :(:(


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