2013: The “No Holding Back” Year…

This time last year I made a resolution: to not let my fears hold me back. I was reeling from the loss of my grandfather at the time, but that vow was one I stuck with throughout the year.

I definitely had some highs this year. I’ve had new crushes, got over a few, and fell even further in love with the sport of hockey.

Things may have gotten a little out of control in 2013…

So basically, this post needs to contain my public apology to Patrick Burke for oh…. let’s go from about May onward. I would make the resolution that 2014 will be better, but… yeah, we all know that’s not going to happen. You should also consider this my apology for the future.

Other things that happened – I’m still not over Mason Raymond’s signing with the Leafs – mostly because of this.2013-04-15_18-39-07_916


My first NHL game. Canucks at Preds back in April with @booknerdguru & @alisonsky. (Also the game where I met @NoJoryous).  I followed that up with a second trip to Nashville in October and had the opportunity to meet up with @DanDBradley.

I’ve made some amazing friends on Twitter and in that other place I venture – you all know who you are if you know what place I’m talking about. I seriously don’t know what I would have done without you all. You’ve been with me as I’ve freaked out about flying, missing my grandfather, dealing with my job, and so so much more.

Here’s to many more moments together, happy and sad, good and bad. I love you all, let’s make 2014 wonderful!


2 thoughts on “2013: The “No Holding Back” Year…

  1. Your juvenile obsessive crush on Patrick Burke is immensely creepy. It’s not cute, it’s not charming, and it’s not appropriate for a nearly-30 year-old woman to be constantly tweeting, favoriting and commenting on every facet of this man’s life. Your dopey, moony-eyed swooning on Twitter and “the other place you venture” reminds me of my 15 year-old baby sister, who also has “hockey crushes” and thinks it’s fun and no-harm-done to tweet at her favorite player multiple times daily. She’s got stars in her eyes every time he favs a tweet or replies. Sound familiar? Can’t you see how arrested your behavior is? Shake your head, and let 2014 be the year you start acting like the grownup you are.

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