Unpopular Opinion (I’m sure): My take on the ~dramaz~ of Kassian & Gagner

Preface: I did not watch this game. I was out looking at Christmas Lights and desperately trying to find my Christmas Spirit. FYI, it’s still lost, today sucks, and people are annoying me on the internet. That being said…

So apparently Zack Kassian did some pretty classless chirping of Sam Gagner on Friday night’s Canucks-Oilers game. If you’re unaware, this is the first game both have been in since Kassian broke Gagner’s jaw.

Here’s what happened:


For those that might be wondering if Kassian is talking to someone else… nope. What Kassian did was stupid and childish and … wait for it… is being completely overblown.

Valid, amazing points, right? Kassian isn’t the brightest lightbulb, I think we can all agree on that. But the amount of attention this has received is ridiculous. Additionally, until I hear Sam Gagner or anyone from the Edmonton Oilers. Anyone. having issue with it… I’m going to be judging you for giving this attention it doesn’t deserve. (Yes, that includes myself for writing this post.)

Is it classless? Yes. Should Kassian be embarrassed of himself for it? Absolutely. Should the Canucks organization have a talk to him about what is and is not suppose to be said? Yep. But if this hadn’t been caught on video – just like I’m sure 20 million other things aren’t – we would never have heard about it.

Additionally, the reports that Kassian never reached out and apologized for breaking Gagner’s jaw. Why make it an issue now? If you were so concerned about it, mention it before the game started, not after something “new” has happened.


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