Females & Hockey: What, Again? Yes.

Canucks Army brought something to my attention and I feel the need to talk about it (as I often do)

Take a moment and read that link. Or here, if clicking it is a problem. As a starting blogger (I think I have a few dedicated readers out there), I feel like I can have an opinion on this. And even if you think I can’t, I’m going to have one any ways.

I’ve talked about females and sexism and hockey a couple of times recently, it feels like (Puck-slut shaming or Women PBP Controversy, anyone?) Actually, that second one contains this very point.

I started thinking about the current blogs I follow for my favorite team – Canucks Army & Pass it to Bulis. Know what they have in common besides the obvious? There’s not a single woman on staff. Apparently Nucks Misconduct has female writers (a female writer? Is there more than one there? I have no idea, I don’t go there, sorry.) I’m pretty sure there’s a 4th blog that contributes to the Canucks world, but I have no idea what it is. Or maybe I’m imagining it. Maybe I just think there should be a 4th blog that gets a lot of foot traffic, possibly with more females on staff. There’s a thought.

Personally, I have been fortunate enough to have received nothing but support in creating Ash on Ice – from males and females alike. After last night’s comment by Greg Wyshynski I had a discussion with a friend who did nothing but encourage me to try (ultimately I decided not to for right now, because I enjoy my own space. Only child syndrome, does not share well with others.) The comment, by the way:

I’m new and started blogging mostly for myself when 140 characters on Twitter couldn’t contain me. And I imagine others feel like I do with regards to “free” writing/blogging. I write for myself first and choose to share it. I put it right into my welcome message:

Agree, disagree, I don’t care. If I wasn’t secure with my thoughts, I wouldn’t put them out there for you to read. Debating why we feel the way we feel is at least half the fun for me – who knows, I may sway you into thinking a certain way, or you may intellectually seduce me to your point of view.

I’m here for the game, I’m here to support my team(s), and I’m here to support my favorite players. I’m part of a predominantly female hockey community. I may objectify the hockey players. And guess what? All of that is okay. Having an opinion is okay. Discussions are welcome because when it all comes down to it, we are all here for the same reason. Whether we’re male or female, we all enjoy hockey.

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