Females & hockey: why puckslut-shaming is not okay (especially when you’re not one)

I received an instant message from my best friend today, as happens during the work day when we need to vent. However, this wasn’t something I ever expected to read from her

“I’m angry.”

“Uh-oh why?”

“Someone asked me if I was a puckslut.”

A male that she works with felt that he had the right to ask that. Because she’s female. Because she likes hockey. And because, on occasion, she may objectify the male forms playing hockey. As I said at the time. What. the. FUCK.

In comparison to her, I am 100% worse when it comes to objectifying hockey players – I do it like it’s my job. Have I ever slept with a hockey player? No. Would I, should I have the chance? … I’ll be honest, it depends on the hockey player. But that’s because there are some that I actually have had short conversations with – Twitter conversations, I know they don’t exactly count and I’m living in my fantasy world, but I wouldn’t just sleep with a HOT HOCKEY PLAYER because he’s a HOT HOCKEY PLAYER and I want to say I slept with a HOT HOCKEY PLAYER (my personal definition of a puckslut, btw. Sleeping with him because of what he does and his fame, not because of who he is as a person.)

But, my point. Why can’t a female like hockey and also appreciate a hockey player’s attributes without someone (most typically male, but on occasion our own gender does it) jumping to the conclusion that because of those two things, the female in question has to be a puckslut? Further, why does it matter? Why is slutshaming a thing, why is it a concern to random person that knows nothing about you other than that you like hockey and think hockey player x,y,z is cute?

Further for me, my objectifying of x,y,z hockey player isn’t always limited to his physical attributes (but sometimes it is, and that should be okay!) but I’ll freely admit that I have what I like to call a competency kink. Doing what they do and doing it well? Holy fuck yes, I’m all over that. Hertl’s four goals against the Rangers? Christ that was sexy. Basically any goalie any time any where, making an unbelievable save? Yes. Please. Derek Roy’s shootout goal against Rask last night? *fans self* I’m sure you get the point.

It’s not okay for someone to assume you’re a puckslut because you appreciate hockey players. It’s not okay for them to ask about it, call you one, or even think about it. It’s none of their business what you do or do not get up to in your sex life. They are not your mother or your keeper and it is perfectly okay for you to tell them to fuck off (or tell them it’s none of their business, if you’re not as potty-mouthed as I am).


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