Yay MayRay!

If you had told me during the preseason that Mason Raymond would be only second to Phil Kessel with regards to points for the Toronto Maple Leafs, I would have appreciated it and then cackled madly, because what?

Further, if you had told me that twenty-two games in he would have 17 points (8 goals, 9 assists)  OR that the only person on the Vancouver Canucks with more points than him would be Henrik Sedin… to be fair, Daniel Sedin is tied at 17… I would have downright laughed in your face. I would also like to note that the Canucks have played 23 games to the Toronto Maple Leafs 22.

Prior to tonight’s game against the Nashville Predators, Raymond was shooting at a 15.4%. After tonight, that’s dropped to about 14.5%. I don’t know if that’s sustainable for him. I’d like to think so, because I feel he’s really shining in Toronto, but we’ll see.

However, I crunched some numbers earlier, and provided he doesn’t drop below 10% shooting percentage on average through the rest of the season… I fully expect him to have a 20+ goal season. Especially if he continues his current trend.

What’s his current trend, you may ask? A five game point streak. Has he ever done that before? Yes, yes he has. In October 2008 and November 2009, to be exact.  He’s had a few four game point streak scattered throughout his career, most notable to me the two he had during the shortened season last year (one in February and one in March). This is Raymond’s longest point-streak since his 2011 SCF back injury.

Part of the reason Raymond’s shined so much in Toronto has been due to the injuries and suspensions that have happened on the team. (Not fully because of that, but partly.) Outside of a Playoff game, he’s had his largest time on ice per game with the Leafs – hitting 24:49 on October 17 against Carolina (a loss). He had one 30:00+ game in the 2011 cup run against Nashville, a double OT win by the Predators. A game that Alex Burrows saw just 2 seconds more playing time, for reference. Source

His time on ice seems to have cooled down as of late, his last three games ending up between fifteen and sixteen minutes per game and he seems to be mostly set to play third-liner minutes from here on out. In tonight’s loss against the Nashville Predators he played mostly with Kulemin and Holland though he saw his fair share of minutes with Kadri (looks like lines may have been blender-ized at the end of the third period.) Though it pains me to say it, it appears Raymond and Kadri have some pretty excellent chemistry together. Also, for the record, it appears that Raymond was mostly matched up against Stalberg-Legwand-Borque tonight.

To wrap it all up – Mason Raymond seems to be on track to have an amazing season, Canucks were crazy to not re-sign him (in my humble opinion), and I won’t be surprised if he has 60+ points or 25+ goals this season. In fact, I hope he does and the Canucks get him back next season and he repeats.

For me, I’m ready for the next game against the Caps on Saturday. If Mason Raymond picks up a point there (make it a goal, please, MayRay), he’ll officially have his career longest points streak. I want that for him. A lot.


Most stats were taken from Extra Skater unless otherwise marked.


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