Canucks Pre-Season Started…

So… That happened. Anyone else feel like we never left the playoffs? Whose bright idea was it to have the first game after a long summer be against the team that eliminated us? (Probably the same person that said sign Sestito but not Lapierre.)

Speaking of former Canucks, let me wax poetic talk about the fact that Lapierre scored two goals in his first period with the Blues… I haven’t looked at his TOI but yeah… Added to that Mason Raymond’s gorgeous shorthanded breakaway goal and assist with the Maple Leafs… Anyone else miss them? (Reminder, Canucks brass, you could still sign Raymond. It’s only a PTO! YOU HAVE A LITTLE CAP SPACE!)

Monday wasn’t completely horrible though. I liked the look of our young guys, especially Shinkaruk. Eddie Läck will be the perfect complement to Lu… and not just on Twitter. I’m not ashamed of my adoration of Läck, the kid is seriously talented. And hilarious. And attractive but that is neither here nor there. But he had some nice saves.

Rumor has it Jordan Schroeder will be in the line-up and I’m looking forward to that. It would be better if he was centering Raymond and Hansen again though.

Why I waited to post this – more information was coming, obviously. I’m worried about his shoulder now. He played in the prospect’s games, but maybe he isn’t completely healed?

Image from tumblr.


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