Special Edition: (Most Likely) Unpopular Opinion on Tyler Seguin

Let me preface this by saying that yes, I am female. Yes, I find Tyler Seguin moderately attractive for someone who is 7 years and change younger than me. I’m not dead after all. However, I have never… wait, no I was in Boston once, over ten years ago. So. I haven’t been to Boston in the last decade and to be quite honest, I wouldn’t touch Seguin with a ten-foot pole.

Disclaimer done – Bruins, WTF you thinking? If this all stems back to “off-ice issues” I’m going to throw something. You’ve just given Dallas a dangerous weapon (I don’t appreciate it. At all. Go Canucks/Preds!) Everyone keeps throwing out the stats, blah blah blah. As a math major, I appreciate those.

The reports that he showed up wearing the same clothes three days in a row… Um. I’m sorry, I’m laughing at this. SO WHAT? He’s a) Twenty-one years old, b) Male, and c) In the midst of a very busy playoff schedule. Gee, I wonder if he didn’t have time/energy to do laundry. Just a thought. Call me crazy.

He’s talented. He’s smart with the puck (most of the time). And he’s young enough that Boston could have built the franchise around him in upcoming years.

Winner of this trade is clearly Dallas.

(And as I write this, it’s been announced that Danny Briere has signed with Montreal. YAY HABS.)


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